The Details:

The Backcountry Access B-1 EXT is the most popular shovel in BCA’s considerable range, so it’s definitely worth looking at this aluminium beast whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced pow hound. ‘Dig hard, pack small’ is the company’s credo – a shovel is essential, but it shouldn’t mean having to endure a heavy weight on your back just to stay safe.

With that in mind the BC-1 Ext only weighs 600 grams, and the handle is detachable to save as much space as possible. A longer handle makes digging out snow pits and packing down take-offs much easier, so this one will have you shouting “Yes, it’s an extender!" quicker than you can say Alan Partridge. What’s more, BCA offer free online video tutorials on strategic shovelling, and all aspects of off-piste safety. Just visit to get clued up.



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