Snowboarders often find themselves in places where there’s a fair amount of snow on the ground – who’d have thought it?

Good-quality gear for on the hill is essential, but it’s just as important to get stuff that will make your life easier in the pre- and post-shred hours. That’s why DC teamed up with their talisman to design the DC Travis Rice mountain boot. When The Fourth Phase finally drops, there’ll no doubt be a scene showing the crew pissing about in town while they wait for the storm to pass - during which you might be able to spot a pair of these on Trice’s feet.

"DC intend for the Travis Rice boot to feel as comfortable as any of their skate shoes"

The DC Travis Rice mountain boot is as full-on as you’d expect coming from someone who endures the daily grind of peak-winter Wyoming. It features plenty of hard-wearing leather, finished off with a sturdy steel toe cap. Whether you’re out servicing your sled or staggering back from the bar, your feet are as safe as houses in a pair of these. There’s also a speedy zip system on the side, so you can get in and out in seconds without having to fidget with the lace.


A grippy sole is one of the most important things a good mountain boot needs to have, and the DC Travis Rice isn’t short in that department. Vibram’s IceTrek compound, a material that’s both shock-absorbing and freeze-resistant, is liberally applied across the tread. There’s as much traction as you could ever need, but you can still wear these inside without damaging hardwood floors.

On the inside, a cosy thermal lining keeps the heat in. As with their entire mountain boot range - there are also collabs with Torstein Horgmo and Snow Park Technologies - DC intend for the Travis Rice to feel as comfortable as any of their skate shoes. While that might be a little ambitious – at the end of the day, it’s still a large steel-toed boot – the DC Travis Rice mountain boot is perfect for its purpose.


Trade Secrets

Travis Rice - Team Rider, DC

This is more than just a mountain boot. It’s an insulated work boot with a zipper instep so that it’s easy to slide on and off quickly.

Most importantly it’s got a steel toe, because let’s be honest: everyone likes to kick shit. I found that with other footwear I just couldn’t kick shit nearly as hard without bodily injuries, so we basically made the steel toe cap for that reason.

Kicking tyres, kicking ice off shit, kicking ass. It’s a romper stomper.