Nitro are rad, and have quite a diverse line of products. Here's a few nice bits of their stuff for this season.

[part title="Quiver Series"]


I put these boards up in my post about graphics, and I'm doing it again here. The more I look at these boards the more I like them. Ok not so much the white one, but the other two are class. Seriously, how many clean top sheets have you see about on the hill?

[part title="Bandit Bag"]


Remember that 'schoolbag' look you loved so much? Tipp-Ex slogans and all that other rubbish? Well Nitro have made this bag, and it looks like it's been scribbled on already to save you the hassle. It also has 'youth specific deluxe comfort strap and backpanel'. I'm not really sure how it's youth specific, but it's a funny sentence either way.

[part title="Eero Ettala Signature Boot"]


Here are some more space boots for 2013/14. These look quite sporty actually, a bit similar to the new Adidas Blauvelt boot. Blue and white is the look this winter I think.

[part title="T1 Jon Kooley Snowboard"]


There seem to be a few nun graphics around this year (first and maybe last time I'll ever write that) Here's what Jon Kooley had to say about his new board:

“This year I was fortunate enough to get another pro-one off graphic and I went with; guns, nuns and blood, it doesn’t get much better then that!" - Jon Kooley

[part title="Slash Snowboard"]


These look like the visions of the future, of someone from the 80's. Google hoverboard, and this is pretty much what you'll see. Which is appropriate, because when you're boosting through fresh pow on one of these you'll pretty much feel like you're flying.

[part title="Überspoon Snowboard"]


This is Nitro's go anywhere and have a sick time board. It features 'Roof Chop Camber', which apparently makes it a pretty smooth ride.

[part title="Ultra TLS Boot"]


The Ultra TLS have also got the football boot vibes going on. The two central ones have fairly poppy and crisp colour ways, I'd call them 'diet coke with lemon' and 'ironman'.

[part title="L1 X Thunder Boot"]


Apparently the L1 Outerwear team loved this boot so much, they decided to do an L1 x Thunder collaboration. This is a super light freestyle orientated boot, with some really, really nice looks to it too. Available with dual zone laces, if that's what you're into, or my preferred choice, normal ones.