The story of YES Snowboards feels a little like the intro to an 80’s sports movie, but Mighty Ducks was pretty rad so it’s probably not a bad thing. YES Snowboards was created from the ashes of the defunct Burton UNINC team/project which came to an abrupt end in 2009 and left DCP, Romain de Marchi, JP Solberg and Tadashi Fuse out in the cold after losing their sponsor.

In the ultimate middle-finger to the decision, the 4 legendary riders had a wee brainstorm and came up with the concept of YES Snowboards, a range of hardware designed specifically for the backcountry slayers amongst us.

Nowadays - they've got a slice of all kinds of boards for you to choose from, and they're really pushing boundaries this year!

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The YES 420 was introduced four years ago and has been turning heads ever since with its short wide shape. The idea is to play with volume distribution to give you plenty of float and manoeuvrability - rivalling much longer powder boards.

This year it comes in with 148 and 152 options, with a pow/rock profile and 'Weightless' core - and a mid-soft flex.

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A true stand-out product at this year's show. The YES 2020 is the evolution of the 420 as demanded by Romain de Marchi and Austen Sweetin.

They wanted a twin tip stick that would ride powder as well as it's the short 420 - and YES delivered. With deep 3D concaves in the nose and tail, it looks unlike any snowboard we've seen previously, and we can't wait to give it a try...


The YES Basic keeps things simple - and thanks in part to its underbite edges, became a firm favourite for us when we tested it last season.

This true twin has cutaways in the edges underfoot which lessen the pressure on your feet, while redistributing it into the effective edges. It's a joy all over the mountain, and gives you extra confidence in you're turns - while the camrock profile and mid-soft flex give it all the versatility it needs.


Shape your own snowboard - it's that simple!

The Clark has already prompted headlines this season, with early previews sparking the imagination of creative riders everywhere who want to start directly affecting what they ride by carving it themselves.

The deck comes in a rectangular 156 shape with a pow/rock profile for the float you need, and the rest is up to you! Just don't forget to seal those edges once you have the shape you want...

More info on the Clark here


The ladies' YES Emoticon is looking pretty stained-glass inspired this year - and it's packing tech too, with the same underbite that you'll find in the Basic.

YES call it a 'playful, intuitive and responsive' ride - and as the female equivalent of one of our favourites we reckon you'll be in safe hands with this under your feet.


There's four unique designs to enjoy in this year's Greats - kicking off with John Cardiel. All the boards are designed by Peter-John De Villeurs - and come with an Asymmetrical twin shape with a tighter heelcut than ever. From personal experience we can say we love the series - here's what the boys had to say about each one:

"John Cardiel was so skate and style influenced, thank God these guys came before today's ambassadors!" - JP

"John Cardiel had the best board graphic of all time and most (legit) skate style on a snowboard - huge influence in my young age of snowboarding." - RDM

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"Palmer was always the true all american action hero in my eyes!" - JP

"Shawn Palmer was and still is in my book the definition of "I don't give a fuck" (which is something I respect), true all american hero right here, legendary snowboarder and an amazing athlete on snow and off!" - RDM

Yes-Greats-Snowboard-NoahSalasnek-2015-2016 copy

"Noah Salasnek TB4 made me lose my shit! I watched his part a million times and tried to mimic that bs 720 tail the rest of my career!" - JP

"Noah Salasnek. What can I say? Incredible TB segment throughout the years of filming and the most unique style that I have ever seen in snowboarding." - RDM


"I always wanted Todd's board growing up, now I see him on a YES. Shit is insane!" - JP

"I used to be sponsored by Morrow snowboards at one point when I started snowboarding, and Todd was on that same team - but at the time I never met him. Now I'm excited that we are doing a board for him - he inspired so many people in and out of snowboarding!" - RDM


The YES Hel Yes is, of course, the board of choice for Helen Schettini - and with a re-tooling for half of YES' line, even this relatively new ride has had an update!

Now with the addition of UnderBite to it's winning directional freeride formula, it's also had a core upgrade in the form of Poplar and Bamboo to keep things light and lively.


YES's park master, the Jackpot is another board to receive some extra special attention this season with the addition of a MidBite to the outline for faster edge to edge response.

True twin shape, and a mid-flex - this camrock profile board maintains stability and a good ollie platform by keeping the nose and tail wide and well balanced in Full Poplar construction.


A legacy model on the return - the YES Optimistic is a directional twin with a whole heap of horsepower!

Very slightly set-back by 10mm - it's essentially a twin shape, so you're not going to find yourself struggling to ride switch. You will however have plenty of lightweight pop wherever you're riding with the Poplar and Bamboo core, and camrock profile.


If you're looking to venture out of the parks and into more urban terrain (or at least want a board that feels like it should), the Public is definitely one to consider.

Soft but still poppy - the flat camber between your feet gives stability where a standard rocker might not, and flat-kick zones outside the bindings help when you're looking to lock into those presses.


Pick Your Line features tech taken, and developed, from the Underbite that has now become central to YES's snowboard line.

The major difference being that the UnderBite on the PYL is tapered - with multiple 'stepped' side cut-ins that narrow the board towards the centre. Essentially allowing for the features of a narrow waisted board, as well as float and great edge hold. See the photo below for a shot of the taper itself:


The YES Tadashi Fuse pro model is a modern take on classic camber with a Directional Volume Twin shape that lends it perfectly to riding powder too.

Traditional quantities of pop meet a ride that's designed to 'plane like a directional, but spin like a twin'. The ideal middle ground? Sure sounds like it to us...


As you've probably figured out by now, words like 'Standard' and 'Basic' mean something slightly different to the YES crew - and it remains true in its second year this board is still far from simple.

With Bamboo rods wrapped in Carbon in its core - it's instantly clear that the intention here is to set the standard, not conform to it.

Another modern camber (like the tadashi) - its designed to give as good as it takes this one - urethane sidewalls and all...


"The dedicated resort rat"

YES's Type is a brother to the Basic - with much of the same features that make it so good, altered just slightly for a more all-mountain setup.

They describe it as having an upgraded sintered base, and a more robust flex pattern for more aggressive riders. Perfect for stepping it up a gear.