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Snowboarders aren't slaves to fashion - at least not in the same way as those diabolical people off Made in Chelsea or X Factor are - but if we're honest about it, we do take note of what's being worn on the scene at any given time.

This season it's aztec print, or "ethno tat" as our deputy ed prefers to call it, reminiscent of the kind of crazy, multicoloured patterned clothing people end up buying on when they go travelling to Africa/Indonesia/India (delete as appropriate) and "find themselves".

But strange as it might seem, this kind of thing is actually pretty "in" at the moment - so while you'll see yoga-practicing, yoghurt-munching soul surfers wearing this sort of thing, you may also find park rats indulging their inner hippy too.

Here's our selection of some of the finest examples.

[part title="Roxy Jet Ski Jacket"]

Aztec - Jet Ski Roxy Jacket - roxy-uk.co.uk

OK, if you've already purchased a pair of lime green pants, this might not be the jacket to go for. Then again, maybe you're into that mix-n-match kind of thing? Either way, this Roxy jacket looks pretty snug. It's got all the high quality waterproof and breathability ratings, critically taped seams, adjustable hood, goggle pocket... You name it, this jacket has probably got it.


[part title="Billabong Aztec Beanie"]

Aztec Billabong Beanie - surfdome.com

This is actually a bloke's Billabong beanie, so it may be on the larger side for women. However as a female with a particularly large head, I'd be comfortable wearing this steezy number. It's pretty diverse - you can wear it tight, slouchy and even remove the pom pom if you don't want to look like a Christmas elf.


[part title="Salomon Idol Snowboard 2013/14"]

Aztec Salomon Idol 2014 edgeriders.com

This all-mountain board has a rep for being a bit stiff. So jibbers, this definitely isn't one for you. However, when it comes to carving big S-shaped turns or floating through pow, then the Salomon Idol is your baby. After all, backcountry legend Annie Boulanger rides one. Plus the base graphic is one of the best we've seen on a female board this season.


[part title="Billabong Roam With Me Jacket"]

Aztec Billabong Roam With Me Jacket billabong.com

You'll definitely stand out if you rock this Billabong number on an average Wednesday morning in November. Some may find it a bit too "yeti" for their liking, but personally I'm a big fan. However I did quietly weep inside when I discovered this jacket is only available to buy in America. Someone fancy getting me one while they're over there?


[part title="Herschel Little America Backpack"]

Aztec Herschel Little America Chevron Black - surfdome.com

Herschel are the hip Canadian backpack company that went from unknown to major success story pretty much overnight. Now these bad boys (and their imitators) are everywhere. You might be seeing spots now after so much aztec, but this backpack is really does look great in the flesh. Speaking from experience, you can throw a laptop, your lunch, magazines, make-up bag, camera - everything in there and it's still super comfy to wear.


[part title="Oakley Gretchen Bleiler Signature Series Goggles"]

Aztec Oakley_A-Frame_Gretchen-Bleiler_Signature-Series_Helga_Dark-Grey oakley.com

Those who buy Oakley goggles are often lifelong devotees. This design is halfpipe rider extraordinaire Gretchen Bleiler's signature style. They've got a plutonite lens for top clarity and won't gouge your eyes out if they break. Also the ethno element isn't too obvious. It's unlikely they'll be so horrendously uncool by next season that even your gran won't wear them.


[part title="Vans Sk8-Hi Shoes"]

Aztec Vans Sk8-Hi Shoes vans.com

Maybe blue suede shoes aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I think Vans somehow pull off the ethno-Elvis mix here. This new variety on the classic high-top design are pretty rad - the classic Vans stripe with a hint of Indian canvas bag to it. An all-round good looking shoe.


[part title="Stance Supernova Socks"]

Aztec Stance Supernova Women's Socks - ss20.com

Who doesn't like a jazzy pair of socks? OK, no-one actually sees them apart from you and the washing machine, but like underwear it doesn't really matter. You're safe in the knowledge that your feet look errrr.... cool. Anyway, Californian brand Stance are pretty much the rulers when it comes to nutty looking socks. Good for your sister/mate's Christmas present - or even just for your next shred trip.