The ISPO product train keeps a chugging, this time we stop at the humble home of Von Zipper Sunglasses at ISPO 2015. The sunglasses brand has gone from strength to strength in recent seasons - they've just added Halldor Helgason to their team and have burnt the midnight oil to design and create his own pro model this season.

The 3 founders cut their teeth at an unnamed sunglasses and goggles company before deciding to switch up the formula and the way that sunglass marketing was perceived by creating their own brand. And hey presto! VeeZee Inc was born.

They were so successful in their first year of trading that it took a mere 12 months for the gargantuan Billabong Inc to buy ‘em out for a major share in the newly founded company. With the cash injection that Billabong provided to the founders, enabled them to move out of their garage and truly focus on the product.

With their backgrounds coming from surfing, skating, BMX, snowboarding, MotoX and just generally being rad, it didn’t take long for their product line to take off and grace many a mountain, park and beach across the States and on our wee continent of Europe.

Check what their key lines are for 2015 2016 over the next few pages.

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The Cleaver; a one stop shop for all of your multivisioned needs. Not that you have 8 eyes or anything like that, more that it's a super nifty goggle to have for all kinds of riding. Although on second thoughts, we reckon Von Zipper probably aint gonna to stop you from wearing it if you have eight eyes. They're cool like that.

The Cleaver in particular you see above is a collab with the Yawgoons crew hailing outta Yawgoo Valley. Whilst they won't make you a mind warpingly good jib rider, you can look just like them. Just make sure you practice your revert carves before you put them on.


If you've got a head the size of Jupiter's moon, you and the Feenom NLS are going to get on fine. Originally designed for those among us that have big ol' noggins, it's turned out to be one of Von Zipper's best selling models over the years.

Obviously a bigger shape of goggle means a wider range of vision, and with the Feenom NLS, you'll be like a shark cutting through the waters looking for prey with these on.


The Fishbowl do exactly what they're named after in all honest; make you feel like you're looking at a fishbowl. The super wide and high frame construction means it's almost like having a sunroof with the amount of vision you get.

The frames are made from a Thermo-Polyurethane composite plastic which has a nice flex on so it doesn't feel like you're wearing a cast on your face instead of goggles. When teamed up with foam that's softer than HMRC's dealings with HSBC, it'll keep your chops comfortable for longer than you can say 'guilty'.



Von Zipper have got in on the frameless hype for the 2015 2016 season with the Jetpack; the quickest way to change lenses since ragdolling for 100m down some rocks.

The quick release button on the top of the frame allows seamless changes between lenses, meaning you get to focus on shredding, not light conditions. When teamed up with the frame construction and triple density foam, you've got a goggle that'll wombo combo your world.


John Jackson gets the pro model treatment as well with the Skylab; a dual anti-fog glens goggle with uber airflow thanks to the venting system.

It's made with a thermo-polyethane as the majority of VZ goggles which means you won't be wearing a wooden plank on your face. This also gives the goggle really good torsional strength if you take any tumbles, which obviously you won't as you'll be able to see everything with these on your chops.