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Volk Absorber Tech 2014-2015-2

Volkl have been a dominating German snowboard manufacturer for a while and they never fail to impress! We headed over to their stand at the ISPO event in Munich to check out their massive range for next year. They've got everything from race boards to freestyle boards to all-mountain rides and they accommodate for everyone from urban park-rats to beginners.

So check out the boards here, and we've even been kind enough to throw some bindings in there too...

[part title="Volkl Absorber Tech 2014-15"]

Volk Absorber Tech 2014-2015-2

I'm sorry but if this photo doesn't say it all, we don't know what will! The Absorber will hopefully be a killer in the park and will have that extra pop we all crave!

[part title="Volkl Alright Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Alright Snowboard 2014-2015-2

This is a brand new one in the line up for 2015 and by the looks of things, Volkl have extended the nose and tail to help you float through the powder. But by the looks of things it won't be a powder specific board, so you'll be riding this just fine across the mountain, on both man-made pistes and the backcountry.

[part title="Volkl Coal Race Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Coal Race Snowboard 2014-2015-2

If you're after some (legal) speed then this is probably the way to go. This race-specific board will have you bombing down the hillside with the wind blowing through the holes in your helmet...

[part title="Volkl CoalXT Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk CoalXT Snowboard 2014-2015-2

And again, here's another deck that'll have you speeding down the slopes. Check out the base below - simple graphics so your riding can do all the talking.

Volk CoalXTBase Snowboard 2014-2015-2

[part title="Volkl Dash Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Dash Snowboard 2014-2015-2

The Dash board is a progressive all-mountain ride and will suit beginners perfectly. It isn't too stiff or too flexible and will provide the right amount of power to get you going, even on blizzard days!

[part title="Volkl Dimension Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Dimension Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Here is Volkl's newest wide snowboard! The Dimension is for the riders with slightly bigger feet, and we all know what they say about big feet lads. This one will be a board that perform across the whole mountain (and elsewhere too....).

[part title="Volk Fastec Prime Alu and Fastec Utopia 2014-15"]

Volk Fastec Prime Alu and Fastec Utopia 2014-2015-2

Here we have the bindings we promised earlier. The bindings will be great for next year and Volkl have designed them in a range of colours so take your pick!

[part title="Volkl Flavour Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Flavour Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Here's the women's Flavour board for next year. This all-mountain ride will help girls progressive across the mountain and those graphics look damn tasty to us!

[part title="Volkl Jibby and Squad Jr Snowboards 2014-15"]

Volk Jibby and Squad Jnr Snowboard 2014-2015-2

And when we said they cater for everyone, they really do. Check out this mini boards Volkl have designed for the little shredders out there. With a sweet set up like this in the early years, the kids will be hitting the parks in no time!

[part title="Volkl Melody Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Melody Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Again this will be a great board for girls wanting to progress. It'll be a bomber in the park but will perform across the pistes too. This true twin will also help with practising switch.

[part title="Volkl Savvy Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Savvy Snowboard 2014-2015-2

The savvy is a rocker camber with perfect pressure points between the edges, making this a perfect board for the parks next season. And the graphics are pretty steezy too!

[part title="Volkl Selecta Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Selecta Snowboard 2014-2015-2

This looks like it'll be a ripper on the backcountry. The tail shape will have you killing it out on the fresh stuff but do not fear! When you make it back to civilisation, you'll still be tearing up the man-made stuff too.

[part title="Volkl Spade Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Spade Snowboard 2014-2015-2

This is a forgiving board with a decent flex on it. Check out the graphics too!

Now all that's missing is the bucket....

[part title="Volkl Squad Prime Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Squad Prime Snowboard 2014-2015-2

And now here's something for the advanced riders among us. We realise we have been giving you the best of the kids range, the women's range and the all-mountain stuff but now we have something for you jib-jockeys. The Squad Prime's will have you popping all over the place next season with its new high-tech. Check out the Rocker version below too....

Volk Squad Prime Rocker Snowboard 2014-2015-2

[part title="Volkl Steaze Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Steaze Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Here's another with the built-in shock absorber, so don't be afraid to go hard on your landings, the board will be doing all the work. This is a nice looking board as well, you might even say its pretty Steaze-y.

[part title="Volkl TCS Bindings 2014-15"]

Volk TCS Bindings 2014-2015-2

Also featuring in Volkl's 2015 bindings range are these bad boys. The mad colours and easy-to-use strapping system makes these a great buy for next year. Keep an eye out on the shelves for them.

[part title="Volkl Untrac Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Untrac Snowboard 2014-2015-2

This is Volkl's splitboard. it's easy to handle, powerful on the slopes and most importantly, it looks rad. It'll be great for those new to wild backcountry boarding with an easier system to get you out of the waist-deep pow and back onto your feet.

[part title="Volkl Xbreed Snowboard 2014-15"]

Volk Xbreed Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Here's a shorter park board for progressing riders. It'll give you the power and pop you want to land big tricks off the kickers, but is still playful around the rails.