Vimana Snowboards is a new snowboard company based out of Stavanger, Norway. With a team of Scandic legends including Marrku Koski himself and legendary transition rider Freddy Austbø. It’s a Nordic noir affair, with a heapo of talented Finns and ‘Wegians taking pride of place in the stacked team. There’s a few continental Euro’s thrown in to the Vimana Snowboards team in the form of Michi Albin and a smattering of other talented riders.

In tune with the Nordic noir theme, Markku hasn’t really given much away on the new Vimana VUFO snowboard apart from that it looks sick. We would be inclined to agree with the #AllBlackEverything aesthetic they’re going for. The chances are that if it’s under the feet of riders like Markku and Freddy, it’s gonna be stiffer than a morgue on a Sunday.

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The multi-coloured and multi-shaped snowboard from Vimana is their affordable high-end stick designed to take you anywhere you want to go on the mountain. Whilst it resembles more 'taste the rainbow' than Nordic noir, it's designed to be a super fun board for riders looking for more bang from their buck.

It comes as either a freestyle camber or freestyle rocker depending on which is your tipple of choice. Coming in slap bang in the middle of the flex range, we reckon this whip will be good for advanced intermediate riders, or for advanced snowboarders looking for a fun ride.


Now this is what we expected in terms of colourways from the Norwegian start-up. A two tone colour that makes a chess board look colourful - but, you don't need to be a Grand Master to get the skills in these kicks.

They're a boot that are ready to wear straight out of the box thanks to the mid-flex construction. The boots also have a perforated sidewall and a matte black finish. Batman style eh?


The Continental binding rounds of their buffet range of snowboard gear. The one piece construction gives it a unique flex that distributes weight evenly throughout the highback which means tweak when you need it, and performance to boot.

They're super lightweight, and are easier than an Aeroplane seatbelt to adjust with the one hand adjustable straps and highbacks. Go all in continent next season with Vimana.


The Motherbrain is an rocker profiled all-mountain freestyle stick that's designed as a high-end tech snowboard, that's controllable for all levels of rider. Generally you find that intermediate snowboards get stuck with low-end construction and materials, Vimana have crafted this on the opposite spectrum.

The kevlar and carbon blend wouldn't be out of place on a top end whip, but VImana have built this board so that it's not a beast to control. This means you can still charge the kicker at mach 10, but it's still playful for cruising when the legs have turned to jelly.


A board with pop that makes Katie Perry look like a rockstar; The Pharomana. The cambered jib board is specifically engineered for riders that slide metal, stone and snow; that don't want to sacrifice on edge grip. The stick has so called 'master pop' and an ultralight snappy core to make sure those ollie on rails don't end in a cracked rib.

As with the Motherbrain, the Pharomana has a carbon and kevlar blend so that you're stick is stronger than the Hulk on a Monday morning - especially nifty if you're gapping to boardslide...


The bombproof binding offering from Vimana; the Scando. The Scando is a thoroughbred Stallion of a binding taking the best composite polyethene the market has to offer, to make a super responsive strap.

The slim-lined binding comes with a super grippy highback and a toecap with more stick than a child's playground. The binding's highback support system lays pressure out evenly so you get the best performance possible, with flex to boot.


A high performance kick with comfort out of the box - the Scando completes the trifecta of high performance gear from Vimana.

Perforated panel construction to help with flex, and a matte black finish keep these looking very Scando.


It's a Vimana UFO or VUFO - It moves quicker than a spaceship with the added bonus of not giving you an unexpected anal probing, that is unless you come up short on a log tap.

The VUFO is the team favourite and is an aggressive cambered freestyle board designed for mach-10, 24/7 for all terrain madness. It has a ultalight poplar core which keeps weight down, but keeps it snappy for an 8/10 flex rating.