Vans are gearing up for the release of their first global team snowboard film LANDLINE by announcing customised versions of their top-end boots with pro-colourways and artwork. This time around it's the turn of ginger-ninja Dan Liedahl - Danimals to you or me - as a brand-new version of the popular Implant is released.

With a trad-lacing system supplemented by both an ankle BOA and a Reach Around cuff, this boot is all about locking your feet in as much as possible for technical riders to get the most response from their set up. Not only does it provide superb ankle hold, but the shin cuff can be tightened either inside or outside the tongue, meaning that as they pack in through a season you can bring it outside the boot a regain some of that initial stiffness. How do we know it works? This will be this author's third winter riding Implants.


Leidahl has provided a unique grey leather colourway for his 'Customized' [sic] version, also scribbling some of his own artwork into the tongue tag, inner and spine. “Of all the boots that Vans has to offer, the Implant is what I choose to ride every day, for every condition," says Danimals. Having stepped in a pair of these as well, we can't argue.