Joni Mäkinen of Union Bindings fame has taken some time out of his schedule to talk Henry Jackson, and you, through their new line of products for 2016. Union Bindings have been at the forefront of technological development since their inception in 2005.

A myriad of different plastics, composite and manufacturing techniques go into Union bindings, meaning their warranty returns are less that 1%. The company can offer the lifetime warranty as all of their manufacturing and design is done in-house with their own processes. This means that Union keep all of their technology to themselves and can offer one of the best guarantees in the business. Solid.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll often find Union bindings under the feet of Capita shredders, with Coal Headwear never too far away - as the three brands are linked by C3 distribution in the U.S.

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It may come as no surprise that Union's Ultra bindings are a high-end beast.

Team tested with help from Bryan Iguchi, Gigi Ruf and Travis Rice - they've been made with a Forged Carbon highback which gives response to the surfy feel of the Minidisk baseplate.

With only 5% binding-to-board contact, you're looking at minimal interference and the most natural flex of your board. And to pad out the whole construction - they're using Vaporlite 2.0 foam that maintains superior dampening - even in cold and wet conditions.


While the Ultra may have a carbon highback - the FC (Forged Carbon) binding is a whole different beast.

Super-light and strong thanks to 10 to 1 strength:weight ratio of the material, it features Forged Heelcups, Forged Toe Ramps and Forged Highbacks as well as genuine leather ankle straps, true premium all round.

Even the Duraflex CB baseplatee is carbon injected - and it still comes with a lifetime guarantee. No wonder it's an award winner - gaining "Product of the Year" at ISPO 2015.


The go-to binding for one Torstein Horgmo - the Atlas is a true all rounder.

Featuring Duraflex ST Nylon straps for strength and longevity, Canted Gas Pedals for power, and a Minidisc for board feel under your feet, it's meant to be a powerhouse that is as physically strong as it is versatile.


The Force has a long 11 year history - and is undoubtedly one of the bindings that helped Union rise to where it is now.

Made for strength and dependability, they describe it as a 'Workhorse' - and with a multi-zone highback that's made for tweak-ability and support, it's going to be a lot of fun too.

With a Stage IV base that combines a stable centre with two high density bushings, it provides a true board flex, alongside damping and response. And as bindings in its price range go - this one is going to be hard to beat.


Gigi Ruf trusts Union's Contact Pro bindings - and we've got a strong feeling you can too...

Featuring the same 5% binding-to-board contact as the Ultra - it's all about letting the board do its own thing, and a Minidisk is also in place here to maximise that effect.

At just 720g - it's also one of Union's lightest bindings going - and the Contact Pro highbacks, that Gigi helped to develope, ensure that this is going to sit comfortably around your feet, whatever terrain you take it too.


ST stands for Super Tough - and in fitting with Union's 'Stronger' mantra - they're a new bombproof set of straps for next season, and are meant to last.

These combine a Canted Power base that's ideal for wide stances, with dual density bushings that pair durability with comfort. The Stage V baseplate has a lifetime warranty, and offers stripped-back performance without breaking the bank.

In the highback you'll find a symmetrical fit that tapers towards the top, and is made with fit and tweakable flex in mind.


Union's Contact bindings offer an ideal solution for those of us who like to ride alternative camber boards, as they've been designed for surfy control while allowing the true character of the board itself to shine through.

They're the firm favourite of that guy Scott Stevens, and feature tool-free strap adjustment, an Asym S2 highback that's tweaked for lateral support, and Canted Gas Pedals for extra power. You can catch our review of last year's model here.


A super-lightweight offering for the ladies - the Trilogy weighs in at just 650g!

Built with tool free adjustment for on-the-fly tweaking - they're Duraflex ST laced for a longer life and support, and feature extruded heelcups that'll take a beating - made to handle it all.

No wonder they're the binding of choice for Jess 'Danger Pony' Kimura...


With dead-spot neutralising 5% binding-to-board contact for the ladies - these are Union's high-end Legacy bindings.

Weighing just a little more than the Trilogy at 699g - they're made for aggressive performance, with a Vaporlite bushing system and Duraflex ST in the base for power and padding.

They use Sonic Fused straps for better pressure distribution (and therefor comfort) - and more lateral freedom.


Plush comfort is the idea the heart of the Union Rosa binding - another one for the ladies - but it doesn't shy away from performance either.

Completely indestructible - the baseplate and heelcup on these come with a lifetime guarantee - and with Thermoformed EVA Bushings - they offer plenty of lightweight dampening, and an even board flex too.

Finally, the highback combines symmetrical appearance with asymmetrical flex, and a forgiving feel for maximum comfort and performance all day long.


Available in a stand-out floral pattern as well as the traditional block colours - Union's Juliet bindings are a new offering in the ladies' choices from Union for next season.

They feature symmetrical 3D straps for evenly distributed pressure, and a Juliet highback that has an asymmetric flex for anatomically-inspired comfort and response.

Match that with canted footbeds for power, and speedy but strong Aluminium buckles and you've got another great all-rounder.


The counter-part to Union's Contact bindings - the Milan is tailor made for a female-specific fit, and even made it into our top selection of bindings last year.

You can catch our review of last season's version here - but this year it's worth bearing in mind that this year they've put an all new Stage V base in place, which joins forces with a women's tailored Multizone highback to provide support, feel and control.

Additionally, these feature Canted Gas Pedals for ollie power, an all-over female specific fit, and tool free adjustment!


Short for 'Fucking-Light' the Flite Pro is a beast of a binding that's developed and tested by Gigi Ruf.

As the name suggest, they've shed the pounds and come out at just 730g - which has been paired up with comfort orientated features to provide a fatigue-free ride all day long.

Made to sate the appetite of any snowboarder, they'll handle different terrain with ease, and with extruded heelcups, tool-free adjustment, and aluminium buckles, they're a hard one to beat in their price range.


With groms frequently charging from an early age now - there's no doubt that kids need some heavy duty hard-wear to keep up with the pace - and Union's Mini Contact do just that.

Packing performance in with a Duraflex padded base for even board flex, they feature tool free adjustment, Mini Flight Pro highbacks and hard wearing extruded heelcups - everything your mini-shred could possibly need.