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You might not have been able to tell, but recently Whitelines made a short visit to Munich for the biggest snowsports tradeshow of the year, ISPO.

For gear nerds like us it's an absolute mecca, all of the biggest snowboard brands rock up and show off their new kit for the first time. It's the first chance the industry has to check out what will be hitting the shops and slopes the following season so it's important to make an impression.

There was so much stuff on display we've barely made a dent in uploading it all for you, but here are fifteen of the raddest, sweetest, beautiful-est and most eye catching boards that, well, caught our eye.

[part title="Apo Spray 2015"]

APO Spray Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Great snowboard design doesn't just have to be about the graphics anymore, just check out this sweet pow shape from APO! Not a new board to the range but with some fresh white artwork, this'll be sure to help you feel 'at one' with the snow.

[part title="Bataleon Disaster 2015"]

Bataleon Disaster Snowboard 2014-2015IMG_5102-2

The Bataleon Disaster has been one of the most popular rail boards for the last few years, especially when you take into account sales of its close cousin the Lobster Jib Board. As usual the graphics are spot on, this will literally be covering the floor of your local snow dome next winter.

[part title="Burton Fish 2015"]

Burton Fish Snowboard Base 2 2014-2015

As you pop over your favourite pillow line, how much cooler will it look to onlookers as they're bedazzled by every colour under the sun coming into view. The base of next year's Burton Fish has to be one of the best yet. That tail shape is epic too!

[part title="Burton Shaun White Pro Model 2015"]

Burton Shaun White Pro Snowboard 2 2014-2015

We're assuming this'll rip up a pipe pretty well so be sure to tweak out your method to let everyone get a good look at this piratical-themed base graphic. Aaaargh yes! Mr White must be proud...

[part title="Capita DOA 2015"]

Capita DOA Snowboard 2014-2015-2

The Capita Defenders Of Awesome model has seen gothic girls, girls with guns and now girls with balaclavas and axes. Awesome defended once again.

[part title="Capita Spring Break Colab 2015"]

Capita Spring Break Snowboard 161 2014-2015-2

This has to win the prize for most talked about snowboard of the tradeshow. A colab with Corey Smith's grass roots brand Spring Break, it certainly got team WL's pulses racing. JUST LOOK AT IT! Designed primarily for powder, this super long sidecut and wide shape are apparently awesome for carving the piste up with too.

[part title="Flow Darwin 2015"]

Flow Darwin Snowboard 2014-2015-2

With a name like that we can only assume this swallowtail shape unique to Flow 'evolved' naturally. In a year where board outlines seem to be getting weirder than ever, this will be one to look out for as it flies past you in the backcountry.

[part title="GNU Space Case 2015"]

Gnu Space Out Snowboard 2014-2015-2

POW, right in the kisser! This is one of the loudest graphics we spied at ISPO, and given that it stood out in a booth full of other loud Mervin designs that has to say something. Bitchin' onesie not included.

[part title="K2 Happy Hour 2015"]

K2 Happy Hour Snowboard 2014-2015-2

One of the original strange shapes in this generation of snowboard design, the K2 Happy Hour is as striking as ever for next year. Pointy and bi-coloured, you'll at least be able to know if you're riding switch or regular on this.

[part title="Lib Tech Deflower 2015"]

Lib Tech FD BTX Deflower 2014-2015-2

Great top-sheet and nose design by Jamie Lynn - you can be sure to see many more hilarious photo ops like this one hitting your Instagram feed next winter thanks to Lib Technologies.

[part title="Lobster Freestyle Baord 2015"]

Lobster Freestyle Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Easily the most offensive graphic for next year, the Helgason brothers seem hell bent on getting their range banned from shop windows, again. Just check out the teddy bear with the boner, eurgh.

[part title="Never Summer Revolver and Evo 2015"]

Never Summer Revolver Evo Snowboard 2014-2015-2

The rasta colour scheme has been done many times before, but never in such a clean and minimal fashion. The same graphic for two boards, Never Summer are obviously keeping the focus on great performance.

[part title="Jones Snurfer 2015"]

Jones Snurfer Snowboard 2014-2015

Snowboard design has now officially come full circle. Jones are set to release this simple and elegant 'snurfer' later this year - complete with skyhook bindings for under 300 quid. We're not saying this would be a board to spend a whole season on, but damn it looks like good fun for a powder day!

[part title="YES 420 2015"]

YES 420 Snowboard 2014-2015

Shortest board name ever? The super fat and wide YES Pow Slasher keeps the same shape and concept as this year but teams it with some awesomely simple graphics. All we can say is YES please...

[part title="Slash Happy Place 2015"]

Slash Happy Place Snowboard 2014-2015

We're not exactly sure where Gigi Ruf's happy place is, but it does look interesting... Keeping the same signature cut-out nose and tail as the others in his board range, this colourful beast looks like a whole lot of fun! Slash and burn!