It's not often that we're truly excited by a new piece of tech (especially when it's presented to us via Kickstarter), more often than not someone's vision of the future is little more than a shit hat with a chinstrap and a GoPro mount. However, once in a while someone comes along with something that genuinely shakes up the game.

On the inside though, the GNARBOX is a whole computer stripped back and optimised for simple video and photo editing

On the face of it, the GNARBOX looks to be just, well, a box. On the inside though, it's actually a whole computer stripped back and optimised just for simple video and photo editing, utilising a smart phone as a display and interface. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whilst your initial reaction may be "big whoop, it's just a fancy Instagram uploader, " for video and photo professionals that spend a lot of time time travelling and out in the field this is a revolution. Being able to use a smartphone in place of a computer has never really been an option, but now (if this thing works that is) you can get in from a days shooting, back up your shots to an external hard drive, feed the social media beast and then do a proper edit once you return home to a proper desktop computer. Alright, it might not be a problem that many average consumers face, but for the pros this thing is next level!

We're not alone in thinking this: in less than 24 hours since its Kickstarter launch the GNARBOX has already secured 85% of its funding, and they've caught Travis Rice's attention, so this thing is happening. We'll take two please.