Henry Jackon's back from ISPO 2015 with more snowboard product porn than a Las Vegas wedding. This time Jack Erichiello took a pew on the smutty sofa to dish the dirt on the latest innovation from Technine.

Arguably Technine can be held partly responsible for the design of the modern snowboard binding. After years of being palmed with chunky bindings with no feel on the board, they took some tools, bent metal and a crate of beer into a workshop in 1993 and emerged with the world’s first baseless binding.

In 1995 they pick up legendary Mark Frank Montoya after spotting this ‘..crazy Mexican, hitting every bump and just going bigger than everyone else’. After a few more years of developing the bindings into plastic and pushing their team, the company moved into a new office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their TN14 binding has more options that an Ikea wardrobe, and in ther words "It's the future of highback bindings. The stripped down construction keeps the weight down and super flexible.