The Montana-based splitboarding fanatics at Spark R&D continue to lead the way in binding design. The system is incredibly fast and easy to use, and every year the offerings from this rider-owned brand get even better.

"Whether you’re a splitboarding novice or an experienced tourer, this brand is always worth checking out"

The ever-popular Arc and Surge models are back again for 2019, in both men’s and women’s versions. There’ll also be a ‘Pro’ version of each, which uses premium materials to shave off a few extra grams without compromising strength and durability.

A fine line in accessories, covering everything from skins to lightweight snowshoes, completes the Spark R&D range. Whether you’re a splitboarding novice or an experienced tourer, this brand is always worth checking out.

Here are a few highlights from Spark R&D’s 2018/19 line:

Spark R&D Arc Pro Splitboard Bindings 2018-2019


Spark R&D Arc Splitboard Bindings 2018-2019


Spark R&D Arc Women's Splitboard Bindings 2018-2019



Making everything in-house gives Spark R&D some advantages when it comes to refining and improving their gear. For example, this new fusion-moulded touring bracket is made from tough nylon, replacing the aluminium version which used brass bushings that were prone to wear and tear.

Spark Solid Snowboard Pucks 2018-2019


If you’re planning a trip that might include a bit of resort riding as well as touring, and want to take a solid stick as well as a split, these new pucks are the answer.

Mount these on your regular board to use your Spark splitboard bindings on that too, saving you the need to bring a regular pair of binders too.

Spark Ibex Splitboard Crampons 2018-2019


Using a process called 'andonizing', the clever bods at Spark are able to coat their crampons with brightly-coloured dye. The result is a vibrant look that really pops, and is seriously scratch-resistant. Although if you still prefer a more muted look, they’ve got you covered....


This year the crampons have been redesigned so that they nest, saving you space in your pack. If you’re partial to using them as somewhere to stash a sandwich, don’t worry – they’ll still work that way too.

Spark Surge Splitboard Bindings 2018-2019


Spark Surge Women's Splitboard Bindings 2018-2019


Spark Tech Toes 2018-2019


Ever tried hard-boot splitboarding? Us neither... but Spark R&D cater for that niche too, with these clever 'Tech Toes'.