Price: £69.99


Thermals don't really have a great rep. They conjure up images of dads on hiking excursions with their trousers tucked into their socks. Mons Royale, however, have come up with a thermal that looks like this. Rad, eh?

We're big fans of this New Zealand joint - they've got a whole bunch of sick riding threads, from awesome pants to neckwarmers and beanies. This women's base layer is a little on the pricey side, but all their tops are made using super soft merino wool - so the quality is top notch. Plus they offer anti-bacterial protection, so even after a day's shredding, it won't smell like something you found down the back of the sofa. It comes in a nice long cut, it'll keep you bloody warm - plus it looks rad even as apres attire.