As well as being ripe for park sessions, spring is also a chance to get a great deal on snowboard gear. Photo: Matt Georges.

The rest of the world might go gaga for Black Friday deals, but they come at a weird time for the snowboard industry. You might be able to pick up something from the previous winter, but don’t expect to see the newly-released stuff getting much of a price drop.

"The Snowboard Asylum’s sale is off and running; from boards and boots to jackets and goggles, there’s a whole mess of deals to be found"

However, the majesty of the end-of-season sale continues, as shops look to clear their stock before ushering next year’s models. If your gear is struggling after a season’s worth of abuse, and your wallet’s in a similar situation, then picking up a late-season bargain is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The Snowboard Asylum’s sale is off and running; from boards and boots to jackets and goggles, there’s a whole mess of deals to be found. We’ve highlighted a few of our favourite picks from their formidable selection of discounted items.

Nidecker Concept Snowboard 2017-2018 - £348 (20% off)


Nidecker have been leading the charge in the carving revolution – in fact, for them it’s been a constant focus since the '80s. The Nidecker Concept is one of their standout models; get it on a groomer and feel the power through the turn – there’s really nothing like it.

Want to see one in action? Look no further than the Slice ‘n’ Dice series.

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Burton Instigator Snowboard 2017-2018 - £264 (20% off)


We’ve long advocated getting a low-cost option that’s perfect for blasting around resorts, to sit alongside a more specialist stick (like the one above) in your board bag.

The Burton Instigator is among the finest examples of such a board, offering much more performance than its price tag would suggest. And with 20% off, it’s even better value for money.

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Bataleon Feelbetter Women's Snowboard 2017-2018 - £293.25 (15% off)


Another board dipping below the £300 mark is the Bataleon Feelbetter. This will meet the approval of the female charger who wants a lower-priced stick for fun shred sessions, but will also suit anyone just starting out.

The Triple Base Technology gives you a bit more of a margin for error when negotiating those early turns, and it’s soft enough to manipulate with ease. The extruded base may not be the fastest, but it’s fit for purpose and a breeze to repair when the time comes. Then when you’re ready to take on the park, the Feelbetter is ideal.

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Oakley Line Miner Snowboard Goggles with Inferno 2017-2018 - £161.25 (25% off)


One of the bigger discounts we’ve seen in TSA’s sale goes on this, one our top goggle picks for 2017/18.

The Oakley Line Miner boasts a large-fitting cylindrical lens, designed to provide off-the-scale peripheral vision. The Prizm lens is inbelievably crisp too, so the optics on this one are hard to beat.

Should the conditions lead to fogging, the battery-operated Inferno system gives your lens a three-minute blast of warm air. In tech terms, this pair is leading the pack, and the 25% off will do nicely.

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Burton Covert Snowboard Jacket 2017-2018 - £136 (20% off)


The perennially popular Burton Covert jacket offers functional performance at a good price even before you take the sale adjustment into account.

Features include Burton’s signature ‘Living Lining’ tech, an improved cuff and a helmet-compatible hood. This muted denim colourway is a winner too.

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Bonfire Zone Snowboard Pants 2017-2018 - £144 (20% off)


If you’re after something a bit more technical, the Bonfire Zone pants are worth a look. 20K waterproofing combined with 15K breathability is a step up from the usual fare, but the price hasn’t done the same.

With a fifth lopped off the price, there’s even more reason to consider these pants for next season.

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