Here's another batty (geddit?) invention that will more than likely never see the light of day. SnowBat, which is essentially a couple of foam pillows stuck to the base of your board with elastic straps attached to it, is designed to give you a snowboard specific workout before you go on holiday.

While we can see some of the potential benefits of the pillows such as strengthening muscles used in edging your board, and fine tuning the balance point in nose/tail presses, the elastic straps seem rather redundant to us - you'd be better off hitting the gym for an afternoon.

Sadly, we don't quite think this one will 'revolutionize how snowboarding is learned and mastered' like the inventors claim - pretty sure you still need snow for that.

Besides, do you really want your wife/girlfriend/mom walking in on you looking like a massive chump doing boarderobics in your front room? Thought not.