The last of yesterdays activities are here in the form on Smokin' Snowboards. Founder and CEO Smokin' Jay, huffed and puffed on the KT22 with Henry Jackson to get the knowledge.

Smokin' Snowboards are an American brand coming from Lake Tahoe, California. They've been hand building their boards for over 20 years now, and show no sings of letting up.

The Fawesym and Awesym have won a roster of awards and with a heavy hitting team of talented sideways standers, Smoki' Snowboards are going from strength to strength.

Jay tells us about the KT22 snowboard - a new product in their 2016 range. With a directional core and a profile with more shape changes than a pop-up children's book, it looks like Smokin' Snowboards are onto a winner with this stick.