Smith have been making authentic, innovative eyewear for 50 years now! Their goggles and sunglasses are for any fresh-air addicts who push their limits and their equipment on a daily basis.

Based in Sun Valley, Idaho, Smith created the first goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam back in 1965. They were founded by Dr Bob Smith who would make goggles using dental tools from his day job and these early prototype goggles were often traded for free lift passes. Eventually manufacturing got serious and Smith grew into the company that we now know.

Yesterday they sat down with us with their IO7 goggle, and talked through its rapid lens changing system and a special Woolrich collab.

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Those young'uns grow up so fast - but that's no excuse not to make sure they're heads are well protected on the hill.

The Gage Jr. helmet is a certified lid for snow and bike with removable bombshell earpads, 12 vents and climate control.

It's been made to be beanie compatible and has a removable goggle lock; and is available in a range of colours and designs, from classic matte black to grom-friendly cartoons like the one shown above.


Made for ladies with smaller faces - the I/OS is a compact frame with as much under the hood as its larger relatives.

It features a quick release lens change system, 5X anti-fog inner lens, Porex filter to prevent optical distortion as you change altitude and a whole heap more - as well as coming in with a bright light and low light lens option as standard.

Smith I/OS Elena Heigh Pro Model


Smith's award winning I/O 7 goggles were one of our favourites when we tested them last year - and their quick release lens change system has proven a winner for those who want a secure fastening without sacrificing speed.

Tech-wise, they've got a Spherical carbonic x-lens with 5X anti-fogging and TLS lens technology for clear vision. The I/O 7 is a medium fit with AirEvac ventilation that works with Smith's helmet tech to keep you completely free from fog. Thanks to one of the largest lenses going you won't be struggling to see things in your peripherals either.

Smith I/O 7 Scotty Lago Pro Model


The original goggle in Smith's quick lens change range - the I/O is a tried and tested system to keep your peepers happy.

With much the same tech as the new I/O 7s - they're a medium fit with a dual axis outrigger positioning system to keep pressure evenly spread across your face instead of pinching at the temples.

Standing out with an ultra wide old-school strap - and of course - two lens options as standard.

Smith x Woolrich I/O Goggles



Extra-large lenses help give the Smith I/OX an unparalleled field of vision - and if you're looking for something to fit over your glasses - we can personally attest to the fact that these have all the room you need.

If you need further convincing - these are also the goggles of choice for a certain Xavier de le Rue (see below for his pro model) - and with all the anti-fogging and high-end lens tech that goes into them (which is the same as the rest of the I/O range) we can see why.

Smith I/OX Xavier de le Rue Pro Model


On to the adult helmets - and Smith's Maze is a classically clean looking number that's also the world's lightest certified snow helmet.

Offering Airflow Climate control, 9 vents, a self-adjusting lifestyle fit system and Snapfit ear pads - it's beanie compatible and can be used in conjunction with Skullcandy audio systems too.

Not bad for a featherweight package!


Apparently designed for 'futuristic' riders - the Pivot is designed to take a punch or two with multi-impact protection for your head.

It's also got Airflow climate control, 13 vents, a performance lining, beanie/Skullcandy compatibility and a removable goggle lock, as well as that 'Lifestyle fit system'.


If you don't fancy any of the options in the I/O range, don't worry - Smith have more options for you too.

The Squad is a cylindrical lensed number that has backing from team riders like Scott Stevens (Pro colourway above) and Desiree Melancon (Pro colourway below).

It comes with a two carbonic-x lenses, with a Fog-X anti-fog inner, and TLT lens tech for clear vision - and it's an all-round medium fit that's helmet compatible too.

Desiree Melancon Squad Pro Model


The Vice is the perfect halfway house for riders who want a semi-rimless goggle and low profile outriggers.

It's got an oversized spherical carbonic-x lens as well as a Fog-X anti-fog inner lens and TLT lens tech for clarity, and a Porex filter to fight distortion.

The frame itself is a medium fit, and features an ultra-wide strap, rotating outriggers, and full helmet compatibility.