Slash Snowboards are the brain/lovechild of legendary Austria master Mr Gigi Rüf. Now in their 4th incarnation, this seasons sticks have more tech packed into them than the International Space Station. With some of the shapes the new snowboards have got as well, they wouldn't look out of place on Mars either, let alone the fact that they're so supercharged they'll send you to the Moon as well.

After parting ways with Burton a wee while back, Gigi set to work getting his own range of powder ploughers knocked up by the experts at the Nidecker factory in Switzerland. Using their expertise, and his vision, they created a holy matrimony of passion and poplar cores to create some of the highest of high end snowboards.

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We took a whip around their stand at ISPO 2015 to see what they have on offer for 2016.


The Slash Snowboards ATV is a cambered stick designed for all terrain slaying. It's Gigi's weapon of choice, and if it's good enough for the likes of the lightfooted backcountry maestro, it'll sure as hell be good enough for you.

The profile and shape distributes weight evenly throughout the board, ensuring the best possible edge control with the added bonus of being more stable than an oil tanker weathering a storm. Whilst you might think that, that might affect stability, you'd be wrong - the ATV is still as nimble as a mouse on meth. Especially handy for navigating your way through those tree lines.


The Aurora from Slash is their high end stick forged from the pits of snowboard Nirvana. It's an aggressive camber board that is their most tech board, and packs a punch like a freight train if you know how to use it properly.

It has a dual cambered profile which means you have camber that goes from the feet to the tip and tail, whilst a slight rocker between the feet acts as a pivot to help initiate turns smoothly. Coupled with the progressive sidecut that comes in three different sections to help with stability, it's an absolute killer snow stick for advanced riders.


The Happy Place will take you to heights you didn't think were possible thanks to its hybrid park construction that has narrow contact points and a lifted tip and tail that makes it feel like riding butter.

The flat spots outside the bindings that stretch to the tip and tail for more pop than a Coca Cola factory whilst the camber between the feet mean you keep the responsiveness and stability on any terrain.

The stick is suitable for any rider, so even if you're starting on you snow career, don't discount this whip from Gigi.


The Spectrum (left) is a zero camber/flat profiled snowboard designed to fulfil all of your freestyle needs. With a reactive flex, the stick has been designed to stop you from hanging up on rails and taking a mouthful of metal when it all goes wrong. The flat base allows maximimum contact with the snow, meaning it's a very versatile and forgiving ride.

The Brain Storm (right) is a super responsive freeride stick designed to keep you floating over powder like a helium balloon at a children's birthday party. The steep rockered nose means you ride through the fresh and cut through the crud thanks to the the setback camber.


The Straight is a freeride stick that comes with shape changes that make hieroglyphics look easy. It has what Slash call " ultimate traction bump" for solid edge hold at the centre of the stick, which means it's a super stable ride on a myriad of different terrain.

It's fairly similar to the Brain Storm, but mellowed out a little for all terrain fun times.