American downhill skier Ted Ligety started Shred back in 2006. If that name rings a bell, you may have seen it come up in articles relating to the ongoing ‘FIS vs WST’ debate (he’s been a longtime critic of the former, prompting supporters of the latter to cite him in their arguments). His company’s output has gained popularity beyond the world of the lycra-clad, with Romain Di Marchi and Pat Burgener among its sponsored snowboarders.

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Shred's Slamcap helmet not only incorporates Slytech's honeycomb shock absorption system - but it's also EU and US certified for snowsports and bikes!

Combo that with a classic look and fit, and removable earwarmers - and you've got a lid that does it all, while staying super light!


Romain De Marchi has bought a new collab to Shred with this pro model goggle that teams up with YES snowboards!

As with boards like The Basic - this looks like a simple classic in black and white!


We're liking the two tone effect on the other Amazeify goggles in the range too - bordering the link between frameless and traditional designs with a stripped back wrap around shape that looks like a classic!

All the goggles in Shred's range also feature NoDistortion tech - a valve between the two lenses to prevent warping due to different air pressure at altitude.


Catering for all - the Shred Hoyden goggle is a smaller model specifically for kids. Shown here in Ninja-Turtle style green design -we'd happily don these if we were still groms.


Shred's Monacle goggles look like they'll be happily offering a super-wide field of vision - as they have before. And with simple designs and block colouring we can see them being as popular as ever.


Last year's Smartefy Popsicles sat comfortably in our Whitelines 100 - and we've got to say this year's offerings are looking pretty fresh too.

With low profile foam, a snug fit, and a spare lens included with their 'No BS' lens change system - they've got everything you need.


A simple classic - Shred's Soaza offers a more flexible version of the tradition full plastic frame for a great comfortable fit.


The Stupefy range are looking pretty damn vibrant this year - unless you go for the slightly toned down black option...

With a great selection of neon glow, these oversized goggles are staying true to its bold legacy this year!


Shred Tastics are the goggle you should be bearing in mind if you're looking for something for a smaller face.

Almost on a par with the Stupefy goggles for boldness - we're noticing a bit of a luminous theme to the colour-ways this year.