As previously asserted by Last Resort, and anyone you talk to who values their personal (air)space - the drones in snowboarding thing should be starting to take a step back right now. But as the world continues to push the tech to its limits, we thought this was probably worth flagging.

Following on from full season's captured on phones with help from add-on lenses like Blackeye, we can't help but wonder whether this pocket sized camera drone will be a feasible substitute for some riders looking to get a few drone shots in their footage without forking out for a full rig. It attaches to the back of many different smart phones as a case, it's far less expensive that its big brothers, and much less bulky too.

While 1080p at 30fps is hardly going to stun the discerning lensmen, its surely another step that'll be accused/praised for breaking down the barrier between pros and amateurs - and we wouldn't be surprised to see kit like this carried around by both for projects where size and weight are a big consideration.

'The best camera is the one you have with you' as the oft-quoted saying goes, so why wouldn't that apply to drones?

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