There are few things cooler than seeing a really interesting idea come to life and take its first steps if you'll pardon the pun. Obviously, we've written a lot about the Burton Step On system over the last year, but this video - timed to coincide with the official launch - is the first time we've been able to peek into their Vermont butcher shop and see how the sausage was made.

"We're stoked to see the process of bringing an idea most people thought was dead back to life"

The biggest surprise? It's nowhere near as techy as you thought it was. Yes, they have laser cutters and 3D printers, but the majority of developments look like they were made by Frankensteining existing boots with plastic scraps by way of staples, and even needle and thread. The best example by far is the janky looking GoPro rig they used to monitor flex during actual riding; it would have looked better if they'd crafted it from Meccano.


The video should also go a long way to allaying any fears people might have about coming out of the bindings or getting the mechanism clogged with snow. Four years in Burton's torture devices would probably do the trick, especially the indoor snowblower to test out the latter.

Most of all, we're just stoked to see a video showing the process of bringing an idea most people thought was dead back to life and hopefully paving the way for more people to find snowboarding accessible. They might not be for you, but it's hard to argue that your 75-year-old gran wouldn't see the benefit.

Will you be trying to get your hands on a pair this winter? If so, let us know below!