No friends on a pow day... But I got a rad new split board!

Salomon have just released news and images of a brand new type of split board, The Premiere, set to be another game-changer in an ever expanding market.

This new concept sees a normal board split off into not two but four separate components. This, according to Salomon, is because a regular split board's 'skis' are too wide to use them for touring efficiently, that's why dedicated cross-country skiers have such narrow skis.

The solution then is to split the board in two places down the middle, a la Signal Snowboards' swiss army concept. But instead of a cumbersome spade, Salomon's middle piece simply folds away into your backpack.

The Salomon Premiere - Complete and Split

See what we mean? It looks complex but it would certainly be hilarious if it would let you skin up a face and overtake skiers on their fattest planks. We'll just have to see if the added cuts make any difference to the torsional AND longitudinal stiffness.

The Salomon Premiere split board and accessories

Do you think it would work? Would this convince you to buy a split board? Let us know below.

The Salomon Premiere crampons