Henry Jackson sat down with Salomon Snowboards‘ Global Brand Manager David Pitschi, to get the word on the street for latest news coming out from the Salomon Snowboards factory, which has supplied the legends for more than a minute now.

With Daniel Franck and Michelle Tagart as their original R&D riders, Salomon got off to a flying start with their tech sandwiched snowboards and simple graphics. With a big European presence, riders like David Benedeck were snapped up by the emerging brand.

These days Salomon have a tight team stretching across the 7 continents (well 5) and have a smorgasbord of different riders. Rail technicians like Jed Anderson, LNP, Bode Merrill and Chris Grenier all lead the charge with a Salomon strapped to their feet. Riders like Brage Richenburg, Jamie Nicholls and Jenny Jones are the spearhead of the competition side of all things Salomon.

Here David runs us through the Trigger binding, Chris Grenier’s pro model binding for the 2015 2016 season - and when you're done with that there's heaps more product from them on the pages that follow.

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Bode Merrill's Man's Board has toned down the graphic's compared to last year - with a surf inspired topsheet replacing the Taylor-Swift-meets-She-Ra version...

But underneath it's still a white tiger waiting to get out. Ultra-light contruction with the high-end Ghost green core and Ghost Carbon stringers, royal cork rails for dampening and bamboo for extra snap. This hybrid profile mid-stiff flex ride is as powerful as the man himself.


Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai take the Assassin out for powder and freestyle - and this is another quiver killer that'll handle it all.

Tried and tested - it comes with a rock out camber profile, 'Popster Eco Booster', true twin shape and a mid flex - in a classic new design.


The first of the Mindnich's takes the hotseat for the Craft - and it's Nils that favours this one. A ride-anything whip for changing conditions that comes with the annotation 'Send It'.

True twin in shape, and with a hybrid Rock Out Camber profile, it's meant to tackle anything, whichever way you hit it.

It does so with an Aspen Strong core, supported by Popster construction for added snap, and Royal Rubber pads for softer landings - and the extruded base will take a beating too.


With a similar silhouette to the SickStick - the Derby is a Josh Dirksen designed board that'll be most at home turning through banks, and dodging trees.

Built on a powder orientated Flat Out Rocker profile, with a tapered directional shape, it's made for float and pop, and has a 'Rocket Science' shorter wider shape for rapid turning.


Of course Salomon's Gypsy will forever be well known by us as the board that carried Jenny Jones to Olympic bronze in 2014. But that's only one of it's many accolades. It's also the ride of choice for a certain Desiree Melancon, and those two facts combine to one helluva legacy.

On the inside it's a true twin whip with Rock Out hybrid camber, and has been updated this year with "Slingshot Sidewalls and Triax Fiber construction for more control, manoeuvrability, and better flex in the park."

Catch our review of last year's Salomon Gypsy here


How's that for a slick looking all mountain ride! Backed by Annie Boulanger, it's pretty tech packed whip that will shine in the powder.

It's a mid flexing, hybrid profile board with a Ghost XLT core to keep the weight down - and bamboo pop boosters; and it comes in a directional twin shape - powerful with plenty agility too.


It's Official - big burly setups have met their match.

Bamboo 'Popster Eco Booster' core and a traditional camber profile give all the power you're going to need off the lip, while five section 'EQ5' side cut gives precision and plenty of response.

Unusually for a freestyle whip - this one's built with a directional twin shape - and is slightly set-back for extra power at high speed.


Salomon's four-part award winning splitboard system is back for the new season!

Breaking down so that you can fit two parts of the central strip in your backpack when you're hiking - it's also reinforced with Aluminium Stringers for torsional flex and responsiveness on the hill.

Put together it's a tapered directional ride with a hybrid profile and mid-stiff flex to take you back down.


Salomon's flat rocker profile entry level board - the Pulse - has traditional come in at such a tidy price that it'll make it tempting for any rider to try.

With a soft flex and a massive choice of sizes - it comes with an Aspen core, extruded base, and bite free edge tune. Simple but more than effective.


A freestyle number that'll be familiar to many - Salomon's Sabotage is a favourite for Vermont shredder Hans Mindnich, that's also well known on these shores for gracing the feet of one Jamie Nicholls.

This year it's coming in with 'Slingshot Sidewalls', Triax fiber construction, and Royal Rubber pads that ease high impact landings - and you can, of course, check our review of last season's version here.


Salomon have two shapes on offer this year for the Salomonder 2.0 - and first up is the Chris Grenier version, which will be available in 145, 151 and 156.

Built on a super flat base, it features a freestyle specific edge bevel that'll keep you more than happy in the park, 'No Chip Tips' on either end so it can take a thrashing, and an easy press core so you can get locked in on rails.


Jed's gone for a squared off version of the Salomonder 2.0 - which comes in if you're after a 148 or 154 size.

All the same features as before - and matching up to Grendy's version - just with a slightly more Jed graphic. Fresh freestyle straight out the box.


The skate inspired Salomon Sanchez has been a wallet friendly whip for many years now - and with it's flat out rocker profile, it's certainly set up for happy days on the hill, especially if you're just getting started.

Super soft yet stable, it comes in with bite free edges, the short-but-wide 'Rocket Science' manoeuvrable design, tough tips and rubber damping - perfect for pressing, and figuring it all out without the punishment.


This camber-profile quiver killer has held its own successfully in Salomon's line for a wee while now - and with its distinctive outline, it's an easy one to spot when you're looking through their range.

Sharing the tapered twin shape with the Split - it combined the power of traditional camber with plenty of float for pow or slush. Bamboo and cork rails give pop and damping at the same time - and it comes in with a mid flex overall.


Snowboards don't often come in under the £300 mark these days, but with Salomon you'll usually find a nice selection at the lower end of the price spectrum - including this.

The sight is an entry point board for park and groomers that won't break the bank. Blending camber and rocker, it also features an Aspen Strong core for plenty of pop, and a soft flex for plenty of play.


'Rocket Science' fits in a more playful agile board into a shorter page for Salomon's Spark - and this women's whip comes in at a very reasonable price too.

Flat-out rocker combines with a true twin shape and rubber pads, with an extruded base - in a board that'll make a great first buy, and should keep you entertained for a long time too.


Essentially a split version of Salomon's formidable SickStick - the Split has a Flat/Rocker profile and comes with Custom Cut skins.

Light and responsive, its tapered twin shape is built for the return journey - powder ripping with the power to slay the rest too.


Backseat Camber is the key with the surfy Super 8 snowboard that is designed to put power and control under the back foot when you're riding on powder or piste.

It features 'Rocket Science' - a wider design to help manoeuvre through terrain, as well as Ghost Basalt stringers for lightweight pop and rubber suspension to keep everything smooth out there.


Louif Paradis aids the creation of Salomon's Villian - and undoubtedly it's one of the biggest names in their lines.

Built on a Rock Out Camber hybrid profile - it now utilises Triax fiber to blend flex and response. Freestyle orientated, mid/soft flexing, and featuring art by Dave Banks - make no mistake, it's a powerful machine when in needs to be.


The current go-to board for our very own Jenny Jones - Salomon's wonder is more than capable on groomers and powder and in the park!

Built on a mid/soft hybrid cross profile with a directional twin shape - it's made on an Aspen Strong core, with Royal Rubber pads to soften big impacts, and comes in with a sintered base for plenty of speed too.


Pushing tech boundaries is the name of the game with Salomon's XLT snowboard. With its 'Engage Warp Speed' mantra - this park beast combines the classic power of a camber board with the most advanced materials in Salomon's arsenal.

Ghost XLT Core, Ghost Carbon Stringers, Area 51 Base - it's all pretty mysterious - but the end goal is clear. To make an ultra-light feeling, responsive big-hitter with maximum control.


Salomon call the new Pillow Talk the stepsister to the Derby - and you can definitely see the similarities in this ride backed by Annie Boulanger.

It features the shorter wider 'Rocket Science' construction, an Aspen Strong core, and a flat out rocker profile. Perfect for float and quick powder turns, but designed to rip it all!


Complete with Spongebob graphics - the Salomon Team is a kid's board that packs much of the tech you'd expect in their adult rides.

It has an Aspen core, and flat profile for a forgiving ride, as well as quadratic sidecuts for precision, and an bite free edge tune fresh out the box. Not to mention the handy lead and attachment holes so you can guide them in their first moves. This one comes in 90, 100 and 110 sizes.


More Spongebob from the Salomon/Nickelodeon collab - this time with a unisex nautical theme. The Grail is a step up from the Team for kid's who are looking for the next move...

It comes in with the same bite free edges - but a slightly directional twin shape for getting up speed; and the bowl shape profile will still have groms ripping without too much punishment from edge catches.

The Grail comes in sizes 110, 120 and 130.


No half measures - the Malamute is one of the most responsive and supportive boots on the market.

Ortholite C3 insoles, a Platinum 4D liner for comfort, and 'Power Frame Energiser Bars' are just some of the features holding you in place here - maybe not one if you're looking to get jibby though...


Comfort focussed - the Ivy women's snowboard boots from Salomon are all about keeping cosy.

They come in with a mid-flex, extra grippy heel, zonal speed lacing or boa options, and an Ortholite C2 insole with memory foam. Ideal for long days on the hill.


Mid-flexing Hologram bindings are a freestyle specific strap that also packs the ShadowFit tech.

Tweak meets energy transmission with a lightweight baseplate and weightless feeling underfoot thanks to the Airbed Footbed - with chunky straps for plenty of cumfort.


High end Ortholite C3 insoles, WrapLock lacing and 360 degree support - the F4.0 snowboard boots from Salomon are pretty heavy duty.

Designed to be easy-in and give added grip around the heel - they're pretty stiff, and come in with dual density memory foam - everything your feet need for a responsive ride.


Available in both speed laced (shown) and 'Focus Boa' varieties - the Salomon Dialogue has been doing the business for a good long time.

With a mid-stiff flex, and custom fit - it comes with a Gold 3D flex liner that has been specifically designed for these boots. Heat moldable - it comes with full flex pads over and under the ankle that link the insole directly to the top of the liner.


Women's specific ShadowFit straps - the Mirage come in some pretty lively colourways this year.

Comfort meets response in a mid flex model that matches the boys for tech and top shelf performance.


Salomon's Nova feature the Joint - a dynamic suspension system for the smoothest ride possible - and they're also packing a 4D highback for response and control.

Chunky and comfortable ankle and toe straps will have you happy in these all day long.


Another ladies' boot option with both boa and speed lacing options - the Pearl is designed to be 'Sweet & Simple.

It's a mid-soft flex with Ortholite C1 lining - no unnecessary frills, but still plenty to offer the feminine rider.


Salomon's ShadowFit technology meets a Quantum highback in these high tech bindings that Josh Dirksen calls his favourite.

Kevlar Quickwire gives you lateral flex while Airbed footbeds and extra comfy straps give all that added support.

The best of both worlds with a stiff flex and plenty of control in one package is what you're looking at here.


The Salomon Synapse boots come in options for boa or speed lacing - and also have a wide-foot specific option for you to chose from too.

They're meant for hiking as well as riding - with a Hike Plus outer for extra grip when you're leading the expedition; and they come with the new Ortholite C3 insole to keep you comfortable and save on weight at the same time.

Exhale Gold 3D liners control the internal climate too - so you might even be able to take them off without too many suffocating foot smells getting set free - bonus!


Designed for Chris Grenier - the Trigger bindings now have a new freestyle 'jib joint' for all the support you need, but with more lateral freedom.

Tech wise it's got a Blaster baseplate, 3D Prime straps, and lock-in toe straps, with a minimalistic highback, anatomically designed to suit the riding of the man himself.


Salomon's Wishbone bindings are a hybrid combo of ShadowFit technology, and an exchangeable highback system.

Depending what you're coming up against - you can go for the luminous lowback as shown in the the picture (think loose surfy powder days...), or a reaper themed highback to engage a higher level of control. Both utilising the lateral freedom of ShadowFit, while letting you turn like a boss.