Wolle Nyvelt is no stranger to snowboard design, with a hefty quiver of Äsmo bindingless models to his name. This year he's also cast his eye over three boards in the Salomon line; the Sick Stick (which celebrates its 10th birthday this winter), the First Call and the Pillow Talk.

Rather than a straightforward shape that remains constant across the size range, Wolle has instead gone for the 'quiver' approach. Each length has a different outline to better suit different conditions. Which one you should go for has a lot more to do with your riding style than your height and weight.

Has it paid off? You betcha; the new-look Sick Stick was one of our Test Team's favourites, hence its inclusion in the Whitelines 100. The other two are both winners too, and

If you're still not convinced, watch the above video to see Annie Boulanger, Nils Mindnich, Desiree Melancon and Wolle himself putting the Hillside Project to work on the slopes of Fernie.