ROMP Snowwear are a South Korean based snowboard company, founded in 2000 after the founder found a love for snowboarding, but a vehrment dislike for the price of snowboard kit. Since ROMP's early days being run from a laptop and sold out the back of an old car, they've begun to expand into the European market.

With riders ranging across the globe from Seoul to St Petersburg. they'll be becoming a more common sight on a mountain near you. We took a spin around their stand to see what they have planned for the 2015 2016 season.

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The first offering from Romp is the 180 Switch Classic Jacket, the most humble jacket in their range. With a standard fit, you won't have to squeeze into the jacket like a wetsuit, and for those of you that like the tall steeze, it even comes in double XL.

It rocks a 15k/7k waterproofing and breathability rating, as well as coming with 2 ounces of insulating filling. Perfect for those cold and clear days we all dream of.


Next up in the ROMP Snowwear collection is the 50:50 Grind Classic Jacket. It's a much slimmer fit to avoid those sumo wrestler style jackets that get worn, and it has an engineered female specific fit for maximum comfort.

Like the previous jacket, it comes with a 15k/7k rating, and two ounces of warm insulation goodness.


The 50:50 Grind Wannabe jacket from ROMP is basically the 50:50 Grind Classic jacket, but in a different shape. Here ROMP channel their inner parka style to produce a timeless garment that wouldn't look out of place in the new Zoolander movie.

It comes in four different colourways, so there's more options than your local Topshop when it comes to choice.


Next up in the souped up 540 Air Classic Jacket for men from ROMP Snowwear; as with added rotation, comes added tech, thus in this vein the jacket has a 15k/7k rating for those stormy days you find yourself in.

As with the other jackets, it has 2 ounces of heart warming insulation to keep the core warm, meaning your hands stay warm as well In comes in 5 different colours, including a very on trend orange for the mountain surfers amongst you.


The 540 Air Padded Jacket from ROMP Snowwear does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin; more padding. this means more insulation for those cold days when your snot freezes in your nose.

It comes in a loose fit, which means you can do all the snow angels you want, without getting chilly.


Say yes to workwear inspired garments with ROMP Snowwear's 1080 limited jacket. It's the most durable jacket they make, and with more tech than a nuclear submarine, you'd be silly to to take a peek when it hits a store near you.


Romp's offering for the ladies who like it skinny is the 1080 limited pant. With a tighter cut that Greece's economy they'll help you keep it fresh and clean, no matter what terrain you ride.