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Ride Mixed Snowboards 2014-2015

Check this out! Our team are currently out in Munich at the ISPO event checking out next season's gear. Brands from all over the world have come together this week to show off their new stock. And being so kind, we decided it was only fair to share this glorious moment with our dedicated readers.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the Ride....

[part title="Cappel Thunder 2014-15"]

Cappel Thunder 2014-2015_

Cappel are well known for their quality and as a sub-brand of Ride, their outerwear is bound to be rad too. Here we have the Cappel Thunder jacket for next season and to be honest, we think it will look sick on the mountains next year. Check out the quick video below for a better look.

[part title="Ride Helix Akomplice Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Akomplice Snowboard 2014-2015

Here we have the Helix Akomplice board for next season. The world of snowboarding has been one of weird and wonderful shapes this season and Ride have jumped on board with this idea and produced this mighty ride. So, no, the cutting machine didn't malfunction on this one.

The simple graphics work well with the board's shape and keep it classy. A good looking powder board for next season.

[part title="Ride Alter Ego Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Alter Ego Snowboard 2014-2015_

Here we have the Alter Ego, new for next season. Again, its interesting shape and swallowtail will have you atop the fresh pow in the early mornings. With a directional shape like that and a split tail, you will be cutting fresh lines with this board next season.

Check out the video below to for a better look...

[part title="Ride Baretta Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Baretta Snowboard 2014-2015

It's the Baretta and it's back again! This beauty of a board will have the women stomping mad tricks next season. The graphics are looking steezy this year too and the semi-transparent top layer means you can see right through to its wooden base. Check out the video below to see the base.

[part title="Ride Buck UP Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Buck UP Snowboard 2014-2015_

Seb Toots has had quite a lot of influence over this ride and he hits the biggest kickers with it. It's the perfect board for hitting the parks. The graphics follow that of the 2013/14 version and check out the video below to see the base of this board. It's time to Buck Up and hit the parks on this deck and see how this one rides...

[part title="Ride Capo Bindings 2014-15"]

Ride Capo Bindings 2014-2015

Ride have brought out the Capo bindings again this year and they are also available in a massive range of colours. We think these will be big sellers next year.

[part title="Ride Cappel Riot Jacket 2014-15"]

Ride Cappel Riot Jacket 2014-2015_

The Ride Cappel range seem to have gone for more earthy tones this year, similar to Burton, and we definitely aren't complaining. It'll give any rider a chilled-out look about them.

[part title="Ride Clamp Down Jacket 2014-15"]

Ride Clamp Down Jacket 2014-2015_

Here we have the Clamp Down Jacket for next season. Again these earthy colours will have riders looking steezy on the slopes. Check out this video below for a rounded look at the jacket.

[part title="Ride Fuse Boots 2014-15"]

Ride Fuse Boots 2014-2015

This season's new Fuse boots look damn cosy with that fluffy rim. And the Tongue Tied lacing system means the outside Boa can tighten the tongue. Easy and comfortable - sure to sell well.

[part title="Ride Hellcat Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Hellcat Snowboard 2014-2015_

The Hellcat board is making an appearance this year and we can expect big things from this board. An awesome park board and the sleek graphics on the front are just as steezy on the back. Check them out below...

[part title="Ride Highlife UL Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Highlife UL Snowboard 2014-2015_

You can't lie, the graphics on the Highlife are pretty damn steezy. UL is Ultra Light and it's pretty clear why they've thought up that name. The top sheet is semi-transparent too so you get a nice look at the inside. The base of the board is simple but nice. Check it out below...

[part title="Ride Kink Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Kink Snowboard 2014-2015_

Ride's big park and jib board has been reincarnated and it's returned as a babe with one hell of a cleavage! Ride Kink has always been an awesome park board and this year, it's graphics have definitely improved, we are pretty certain this will be popular with the lads next season. Enjoy guys.

[part title="Ride Lasso Boots 2014-15"]

Ride Lasso Boots 2014-2015_

Here, again, we have the new tongue-tied technology from Ride that comes in the form of a Boa lacing system at the side of the boot to tighten the tongue to your leg. These are looking pretty nice too and the neon colours seem to be a big trend for the coming season.

[part title="Ride Lincoln Jacket 2014-15"]

Ride Lincoln Jacket 2014-2015_

The Ride Lincoln Jacket could be a life saver for those wanting to explore the Backcountry. Not only will it keep you extra toasty but everyone knows the louder the jacket the more likely you are to be seen. So no getting lost for you in this one. Although it is a brighter jacket, it's still in keeping with this earthy theme, but this one's just a little more wild.

[part title="Ride Machete All Black Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Machete All Black Snowboard 2014-2015_

The Machete this year is all about sleek and sexy. The skeletal designs give it that edge though and check out the video below for the Machete motto... Creep It Real.

[part title="Ride Machete GT Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Machete GT Snowboard 2014-2015_

And it's the Machete GT! A top board with a lot of life in it, kinda. The graphics on this board are definitely living up to its name and we are sure it'll sell well next year.

[part title="Ride Gloves 2014-15"]

Ride Mixed Gloves 2014-2015

Check out this range of Ride's gloves for the next season! They've got a pretty wide variety to choose from by the looks of things.

[part title="Ride OMG Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride OMG Snowboard 2 2014-2015_

Is it a snowboard... is it a guitar... is it a ... something more crude?

Ride OMG Snowboard 2014-2015_

Someone has clearly explained the difference between the three to this poor chap. But on realising it is in fact one of Ride's new park boards, he also realised it is damn steezy too.

The mad graphics on this ladies' board include everything you need for a standard night out in Essex. Maybe one of the more random designs out this year, but definitely one that'll look sick on the slopes.

[part title="Ride Revolt Bindings 2014-15"]

Ride Revolt Bindings 2 2014-2015_

These loud bindings also seem to follow in the footsteps of the neon design this year but we can't deny these are pretty rad. These rad bindings also include SlimeBack high backs which supposedly help with shock absorption but we haven't yet tried and tested so watch this space for a future review...

[part title="Ride Trident Boots 2014-15"]

Ride Trident Boots 2014-2015_

One of Ride's best-selling boots of last season is back again with the tongue-tied lacing system, giving riders complete control over the comfort and fit of these bindings. Also super lightweight, we can't wait to see these bad boys out on the shelves.

[part title="Ride Wild Life Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Wild Life Snowboard 2014-2015_

The Ride Wild Life board is an all-mountain steez-bomb. This ride will take you up and down the mountains in stye next season. This one also has a semi-transparent layer so you can take a good look at the wood work on both the front and the base. Check out the video below to get a sneak peak at the base of the board