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We really are treating you this week as we bring you another sneak preview. We have already released previews of Burton and K2's 2014-2015 gear and now, we have Ride's.

This was shot at Avant Premiere last week where we got the first look at the new stuff and we were kind enough to take some snaps for you, so check out a sample of Ride's 2014-2015 gear here...

[part title="Ride Capo Snowboard Bindings 2014/15"]

Ride Capo Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

First up is the Ride Capo bindings. Back again this year, these ones are sure to sell well amongst riders. By the looks of things these are available in an army green too. So prepare to tear the parks up in these bad ass bindings next season!

Ride Capo Green Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

[part title="Ride Control, Beretta and Compact Snowboards 2014-15"]

Ride Control (left), Beretta (centre) and Compact Snowboards 2014-2015

The Ride Control board (left) may bear a slight resemblance to a zebra crossing but don't think you'll be casually strolling across the mountain on this machine. It's wider nose and length suggests this board will have you floating through the fresh pow at high speeds, while ensuring you have 'Control' over of the whole mountain.

In the centre we have to Baretta. It's back again, with even better graphics and a shape perfect for all-terrain. We are particularly enjoying the wooden effect on the deck. This board will be great for the girls wanting to explore the whole resort.

And finally, the Compact! Being a bit smaller is definitely a good thing (in this situation ONLY) as riders will have much more control in the parks. It looks like this is a great development on the current Compact board and the designs are looking pretty steezy yet again.

[part title="Ride DVA Snowboard Bindings 2014-15"]

Ride DVA Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

These new Ride DVA bindings have combined style and comfort this season. The perspex back will look rad as you drop into the half-pipes. They have also produced some perspex purple bindings. Have a gander below.

Ride Purple Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

[part title="Ride Helix, Alter Ego and Machete GT Snowboard 2014-15"]

Ride Helix (Left), Alter-Ego (centre) and Machete GT Snowboards 2014-2015

It kind of looks like the guy with the cutter got a little over excited on his way from the Machete to the Helix, but weird and wonderful shaped boards have been around a lot this season. So by the looks of things they will be about next season too.

The interesting shape will certainly help the board stand up on its edge but will it help technique-wise? Well, Ride are apparently replacing their popular DH model with the Helix, so they're obviously putting a lot of faith in it. You'll have to wait and see how it performs.

The middle board, the Alter Ego, looks like it will be a great powder board next year. It's unusual Swallowtail and wide nose will keep you floating over powder whilst riding Backcountry next season.

And last but by no means least, we have the Machete GT snowboard. Again, expect to glide over pow on this one. It's tail appears to be slimmer than the nose and the set back stance means you will have no problem Backcountry. And the hardcore graphics certainly help the board live up to its name.

[part title="Ride LX Snowboard Bindings 2014-15"]

Ride LX Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

And here is another pair of pretty steezy looking bindings. Because we haven't tried and tested as of yet, there isn't much more to say except that they look pretty rad.

[part title="Ride Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

The new range of Ride boots look pretty damn cosy and it looks like they are going to be available in a massive range of colours so take your pick!

The Ride boots come in a range of colours

[part title="Ride Revolt Snowboard Bindings 2014-15"]

Ride Revolt Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015-2

Well we can't deny their ability to catch your eye...

Don't worry, if you're not an I-love-neon-green kind of rider, these awesome bindings are also available in a more subtle blue....

Ride Revolt Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

[part title="Ride Rodeo Snowboard Bindings 2014-15"]

Ride Rodeo Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

These particular Rodeo's match the Ride Control perfectly (too perfectly...). Maybe avoid becoming the animal impressionist on the slopes and put these bindings with the Compact instead. These rad looking bindings seem to be available in other colours too. Below we have a more tropical flavour...

Ride Rodeo Tropical Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

And if you're not into the floral print Hawaiian-themed ones (though we have to say we are!) what about electric orange?

Ride Rodeo Orange Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015

[part title="Ride Highlife, Berzerker and Wildlife Snowboards 2014/15"]

Ride Highlife Berzerker Wildlife Snowboard 2014-2015

Ride have gone for another year of simple graphics on the Highlife board but it is still looking pretty damn steezy with that watery-effect going on. Boarders can let their riding do the talking with this deck.

This year's Berzerker is the official Holly Willoughby of the snowboarding world. Those curves have some serious sex appeal. This directional twin board will have you atop the pow all year round.

And then we have the Wildlife snowboard and what a beauty it is. Those wild graphics really give this board a bit of something extra this year and with a wide nose and thin tail like that, it'll be great for Backcountry in the coming season.