If you're like this author, you hate snowboard gloves. They never last, what with all the dragging them through the snow, carrying sharp edges and constant wear against binding buckles, so to say that POW Gloves actually handle the task of repeatedly tomahawking down the mountain every weekend is high praise indeed.

"POW have a good variety of insulating levels to keep any hand warm in most conditions"

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, they're in exactly the right place to design and test gloves and mittens that'll last and keep your hands dry at the same time, and judging from their ISPO stand this year they've got a good variety of insulating levels to keep any hand warm in most conditions.

The stylings are dead on as well, ranging from some bright patterns on the park mitts (plus an exclusive collab with Travis Rice's Asymbol gallery) to good quality 'work wear' type leather on the upper end of the price points. You gotta hand it to them, POW know gloves. I'll get my coat...

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