POC must have saved countless lives and prevented an even greater number of serious injuries over the years. The POC Lab is full of the great and good of the neuroscience world (basically anyone else who is way smarter than your average snowboarder), from the world’s foremost sports medicine experts, to brain scientists and specialists in spinal cord injuries. All dedicated to keeping the side-sliding, huck-flipping, rail taco-ing, edge-catching snowboarder out of harms way (as much as a helmet can, which it turns out, is a lot).

The neon-yellow ski race style colourway might not be your jam but there are plenty of other options to choose from in POC's range. The goggles match up to all the various helmet profiles perfectly and they do gloves too. We're not sure if they put as much R+D into the glove line-up as the helmets but their commitment to finding the best materials to protect you from yourself and the elements is second to none. Few do it better than POC.

2016/17 Snowboard Product Previews

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POC Helmet Overview 2016-2017


POC Auric Cut Snowboard Helmet 2016-2017


POC Lid Cornea Lobes Snowboard Goggles 2016-2017


POC Iris X Fovea Snowboard Goggles 2016-2017


POC Fovea Lid and Iris X Snowboard Goggles 2016-2017


POC Retina Lid Cornea Snowboard Goggles 2016-2017


POC Snowboard Goggles Overview 2016-2017


POC DID Glacier Sunglasses 2016-2017


POC Snowboard Gloves 2016-2017