Jack O’Neill the eye-patch toting surfer-come-pirate was the inventor of the wetsuit for our water carving brethren midway through the last decade. Whilst he’d been keeping surfers toasty warm for 40 odd years, it was a while before he and the company turned their attention to the mountains and us snow surfers.

O'Neill are based out of the Netherlands, and they’ve got a pretty heavy rider list to compliment their North American contingent. Standout riders include Seb Toots, Maxence Parrot and Jeremy Jones.

O’Neill are also known for scouting out the kids with the talent early on in their shred careers. Watching Mark McMorris and Seb Toots battle it out for the medals is a common sight at most WST stops, but little do most people know that the two used to be teammates on O’Neill before Mark moved over to the big B.

We hit them up a few weeks back at ISPO to see what they'd been working on since we last saw them 12 months ago.

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Jeremy Jones obviously gets his own signature line with O'Neill for the FW15/16 collection. Mr Jones has to tackle the hardiest of hard terrain, so it's no surprise that his outerwear is bombproof - only if bombs were made of water and stuff though.

As the name suggests, the jacket is made from 3L of waterproof material which gives it a whopping 20K/20K proofing in terms of waterproofing and breathability. It's also blue.


If you're going for the full Jezza look, you can complete your impression with the Jeremy Jones 3L pants from O'Neill. They're a shell pant, so don't expect any blood warming insulation in these, but you could probably use them as a wetsuit if you're skint (and sort of weird) thanks to the 20k/20k rating.

They're a regular fit, so if you're into your tight knee park look, you'd be better off looking elsewhere though.


Just when you thought you were done keeping up with the Joneses, O'Neill drop a second helping of Jezza on you in the form of the Jeremy Jones 2L jacket.

Again, as the name suggests, it's a 2L jacket for those slightly less adventurous riders amongst you. It's a slightly toned down version of the 3L, but still boasts a 20k/20k rating, but doesn't come with the patented breathability tech that the 3L version does.


The fourth member of the Jeremy Jones pro model club are the 2L pants. Designed to work with the 2L jacket (duh), they come with the connector system so you can zip yourself up into a onesie to stop any snow making an unexpected entrance into those unexpected regions.


The pro model invasion continues with French-Canadian freestyle wizard Sebastian Toutant's signature jacket from O'Neill. There's four colourways of the jacket including a stealthy black, blue and camel, and another stealthy black version. Batman probably has more than one outfit as well.

It has 'anorak styling' if you're into plane watching, train spotting or stamp collecting in extreme conditions.


The Contest pant from O'Neill is a regular fitting pant that comes with a 10k/10k rating for your all-mountain needs. If you're looking for something to keep you dry in the tit deep pow we all dream of, you're probably better off looking elsewhere in the range, but if you're after something that'll serve you well in most other conditions, don't turn your nose up at these.

There're 5 different colour-ways as well, so you can mix and match as you fancy!


Don't be fooled by the styling on the Mutant from O'Neill. It might look like a jacket more casual than a Monday night pub session, but it's a hybrid hellcat developed in the pits of a lab to cross functions like the Terminator.

20k/20k rating keep you dry whilst a light dusting of insulation mean you're not left out in the cold when the temperature drops.


The Utility jacket from O'Neill (as the name suggests) comes with more features than a 1,000 euro Swiss Army Knife, with the added bonus of it not being confiscated when you go through airport security.

Coming at you in four different colourways each boasting 10k/10k rating, the Utility is the addition you need to your wardrobe.


Men are from Mars, and Women wear the Venus. It's something like that anyway...

The Venus from O'Neill is their one stop shop for looking so fresh and so clean if you're a member of the fairer sex. It comes in 5 different versions all sporting a different shade of the colour wheel, and has tech to boot.

10k/10k rating mean you won't end up drenched in either sweat or snow, and has more features than Snowpark Laax.


Cats are renowned for many, many things. Using them as jackets is probably frowned on by PETA though, and we're not entirely sure how much they like water.

However, if you're looking for some furry accompaniment on the mountain, you're probably better off looking at the Feline jacket from O'Neill. And with a 10k/10k rating, you probably won't get your face clawed off if you get wet.


The Conchita Wurst of snowboard jackets is here in the form of the Bearded by O'Neill.

Coming at you with more retro flowers than an Austin Powers film, you'll be glad to know it comes in a multitude of different forms that are slightly less groovy. It's a solid jacket for your everyday needs, and comes packing 10k/10k waterproofing and breathability.


If you're planning to launch into the interstellar, make sure you pack the Star pant from O'Neill. With a roster of extra features that make the pant super durable and practical, the Star will keep your pins moisture free thanks to the 10k/10k rating.

We reckon they probably should have been called the rainbow in all honesty, because they come in more colours than a family sized pack of skittles. A regular fit means you've got a little movement room in the pants, and you don't look like a stickwoman either!