Unless you've been living under a rock since 2012 you should know all about NOW and their kingpin binding technology. In case you don't, it's best described by this gif below:


The system essentially allows the footbeds to pivot around a single point, rather like the trucks on a skateboard, and riders can fine tune the response of their bindings by swapping out the stiffness of the risers - or bushings - that they sit on.

"The system essentially allows the footbeds to pivot around a single point, rather like the trucks on a skateboard"

New for 2017/18 is the TOOL-LESS system, which essentially allows you mount baseplates to all your boards, then swap out a single pair of bindings between your quiver by attaching them via the Kingpin mounting points - very clever stuff.

There's also a sweet looking black & white YES collab - they are sister companies after all - as well as a pretty in-your-face, 'retro tribute' colourway to the ever-popular Brigade bindings.

NOW Bindings have gone big for next year, so if you haven't tried out their unique approach to nailing our feet to a board yet 2018 might be the winter for it.

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