Founded in 1990 - Nitro snowboards are hitting their quarter century this year - and we caught up with the Seattle born brand at ISPO 2015 to see exactly what they have in store for next season.

Born out of a desire to create quality gear at a time when there wasn't quite so much to choose from, they've stuck it out for the long haul, and branched into boards, boots, bindings and outerwear with equal success. Which is why they're now able to offer a great range of rides in all categories - so you'll always be able to find the right stick for you.

On the Nitro team you'll now find a smorgasbord of big names from across the globe - with Eero Ettala, Austin Smith, Elias Elhardt, Mark Swoboda and Anna Gasser in amongst them, just to name a few.

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Nitro's stand this year bore the legend "Built For Good Times" - and their flagship board for this mantra goes by the same name too.

Available in a Nirvana-like smiley as well as Sam Taxwood and Brandon Hobush pro models (above/right and below) - it's a straight-up freestyle whip that comes in standard and wide, and is based on the old Swindle.

Made more forgiving and easier to press because of its flat-out rocker - it also maintains the snap and stability of camber because of its Whiplash core profile.


You'll find the Nitro Prime under the more than capable feet of Eero Ettala and Sven Thorgren this year - and the whale toting/surgical designs above are their very own pro models.

The board is designed to provide a perfect blend of flex and response - with a zero camber catch free ride and affordable tech under the topsheet.


The white, kitty-faced whip above is Nitro's pro-model for none other than slopestyle she-beast Anna Gasser! Built on a flat out rocker profile - it's undoubtably made for park while aiming to provide easy progression too.

The flat base under foot with early lift off before the contact points gives the Spell freedom, flex, and support; with power pods provide solid edge hold - and Railkiller edges are built to last.

In the blue is Ana Rumiha's Firecracker - a flat-out rocker that's urban rider ready, and soft flexing for progressive freestyle tricks in parks and on rails. Made for effortless nose and tail presses and all skill level riders.


Under its facade of beautiful shots by Daniel Tengs, Rip Zinger, Markus Rohrbacher, Lorenz Hold and Carlos Blanchard - the Team Exposure snowboard is a 'Gullwing rocker' profile, all terrain killer!

It's covered in the photographer's favourite views from snowboarding, and has been designed to provide a playful forgiving ride - with the Gullwing profile providing response without punishing your mistakes.


The Quiver from Nitro is a series of freeride boards designed to leave you prepared for any condition out on the open mountain - and its been carefully put together under the guidance of Bryan Fox and Austin Smith.

Starting out on the left, the beastly Cannon 183 is a cam-out camber whip that can handle the deepest deeps and charge pow like no other.

Then in the middle - the 160 cam-out camber MTN for everyday shredding all over the mountain when you think there's a chance it'll dump.

And finally the 154 camber POW: hand designed by Austin smith. Made to be as quick as possible without loosing float - its wide nose and extremely tapered shape gets you speed in any terrain while being able to quickly maneuver through trees and drop huge cliffs.


Elias Elhardt's leafy pro model, the Uberspoon, is an all mountain ride that should set you up to rip like the man himself - or at least help you along your way.

Made with a snappy but flexible 'Roof Chop' camber profile, its all mountain float works in pow, slush and groomers - and this one comes reinforced with ballistic impact panels for extra strength.


The female specific Victoria snowboard (left) is a standard camber, freeride whip that can take you to next level without loosing comfort.

Made to maximise the joy of playful all-mountain boarding - its directional shape is combined with that camber profile to give you speed and control with plenty of stability.


Starting on the far left here with the black Nitro Viking - a lowrider camber freestyle board that's been tested with great results by by Gjermund Braaten, Torgeir Bergrem and Nils Arvidsson. It's made to handle progression and airtime with ease.

Then on the left of the middle - the Bad Seed lowrider, a camber freestyle number.

And finally the Justin Bennee pro model in white - a lowrider camber profile combined with new mellow power pods, which offers the precision every snowboarder needs to achieve perfect tricks. It's been designed by park riders for park riders with good manoeuvrability in mind.


These all mountain boots from nitro are built for long lasting durability, with a surefooted new rubber/eva outsole and their cloud 3 liner.

Available in TLS (Twin Lacing System) and standard lacing they're putting them out there as one of the most dependable boots on mountain.


Pro level women's snowboard boots in a classy colourway - the Crown is made for performance with unparalleled support.

Responsive but comfortable - they come with the women's Cloud 6 liner, a dual density footbed and 'flex link' design to connect the foot for response in a low-profile design.


A firm favourite for riders like Eero Ettala, Sven Thorgren and Bryan Fox - this team-driven design features time tested technology for the perfect blend of response, comfort and warmth.

The TLS 5 twin lacing system is in place for super easy access when you're getting in and out and Cloud 9 liners with D30 padding can be precision moulded for a lightweight perfect fit.


Ana Rumiha takes her Ivy bindings all over the mountain - and this year they come with the added power of bananas in the highback!

These all mountain straps feature a stealthy air baseplate, and are comfortably responsive with Nitro's air dampened 3° canted footbed. They'll offer plenty of support, and are tailored to your leg anatomy with an asymmetrical highback.


Throwing some burger and fries design in the mix for this season's graphic - the Team bindings are, like the boots, designed for Nitro's pro riders.

They'll withstand the added pressure of demanding riders while offering maximum control and comfort; and they're meant to be the most versatile of all mountain range. The new Stealth Air baseplate gives even more lightweight precision and response - with comfort all day long - and a 2x4 mini disc system allows the most natural board flex.

To top it off - Nitro's new asymmetrical Jet highback delivers perfect blend of support, response and flex.


These skate inspired bindings from Nitro are meant to offer air padded comfort without scarifying support. The new Stealth open air baseplate contributes to a medium flex, while 2x4 mini discs are in place for ultimate true board feeling and flex.

Like the Team - they also feature a new asymmetrical highback - with the Zero model designed to provide a perfect blend of freestyle flex and landing support.


Nitro's high-end Alagna shell jacket is a classic looker - but that 3.5L Cocona fabric is meant to fight off absolutely any rain or wind that might come your way.

Sealed against the elements with a removable powder skirt, wrist gaiters and a 'HD' adjustable hood with breathing vents - you can wrap up warm or let it all loose in this one.


A street inspired number from Nitro - the Cooper jacket is a multi-layer 2-in-1 number that's insulated and doesn't slack on the technical features.

Both the outer jacket and the optional vest are 10k/10k and you can wear either separately or both over or underneath each other if you like. Plenty of choice and a modern look to boot.