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Nike Logo Neon 2014-2015

Well what do we have here? Oh, it's Nike's 2014-2015 gear! God you guys are lucky. The Whitelines team have headed out to Munich for ISPO 2014 this week, where brands from all over the world have come together to display all their new gear.

We get as excited about this kind of thing as you do, so we decided to put together some previews for you - so you are not missing out. We have now released Burton, K2, Ride and Nitro, and next up is Nike! So take a peak, we promise we won't tell anyone... [part title="Nike Command 1 Goggles 2014-15"]

Nike Command 1 Goggles 2014-2015

These frameless bad boys will be hitting the shelves next season for the first time. By the looks of things they come in a variety of colours. The lenses range from clear, to mid-tint, to full mirror so it seems there'll be something to suit every rider. Flick over to the next page to find some more designs... [part title="Nike Command Goggles 2014-15"]

Nike Command 2 Goggles 2014-2015

And again, Nike have developed some pretty interesting colours in the Command range. A personal favourite is the top pair, and yes, it is because of the mirrored lenses. Definitely helps you spy on the opposite sex without getting caught... [part title="Nike Face Mask Hood Fluro Streetwear 2014-15"]

Nike Face Mask Hood Fluro Streetwear 2014-2015

How rad is this?! The fluorescent hoodie is bound to look sick next season and the neon colour will clash with any salopettes - perfect for the current snowboard fashion scene - we couldn't be expected to wear matching gear, it's almost against snowboard law nowadays ... [part title="Nike Face Mask Hood Grey Streetwear 2014-15"]

Nike Face Mask Hood Grey Streetwear 2014-2015

Here it is in a more reserved colour if you're just not after that everyone-is-staring-at-me feeling in the neon green. Both these hoodies come with a very handy mask feature at the front to act as a buff, accompanied with breathing holes, so you can forget about the snot and saliva build up on the inside (don't lie, you get it too!). [part title="Nike Fade Goggles 2014-15"]

Nike Fade 1 Goggles 2014-2015

These goggles seem to have yellow-tinted lenses, perfect for white-out days. And the straps on these are pretty rad too. Although we understand it is now cooler to wear the strap under your helmet, so maybe the strap design is irrelevant. Either way you wear them (on or under the helmet) we are sure you'll want the right lenses for that day of riding, so make sure the yellow-tints are the ones for you. Below are some more sick designs for you to choose from. Pick carefully!

Nike Fade 2 Goggles 2014-2015
Nike Fade 3 Goggles 2014-2015

And the photo above is the same as the top one, but from another angle because we are so damn convenient. [part title="Nike Fade and Command Goggles 2014-15"]

Nike Fade and Command Goggles 2014-2015

Nike seem to be going for the frameless goggles this year and we understand why, These two pairs are pretty rad and aren't too big either. They will sit nicely without making you look like something from A Bug's Life. [part title="Nike Kaiju Boots 2014-15"]

Nike Kaiju Black Boots 2014-2015

These boots are back again next season and, well known for their comfort and supportive flex, they are bound to sell well next year. The simple design is also pretty rad - they may not be every colour under the sun, but the added toe design makes the stand out from your ordinary black boots. The lacing system Nike uses for these boots is the original lace-style, these do have their pros and cons but it depends on what suits you best.

Nike Kaiju Black Stand Boots 2014-2015

[part title="Nike Kaiju Boots 2014-15"]

Nike Kaiju Blue Boots 2014-2015

The new Kaiju boots are available is a massive range of colours as our team found out in Munich. Here they are in blue above or a much louder pair below....

Nike Kaiju Red and White Boots 2014-2015

[part title="Nike Kaiju Boots 2014-15"]

Nike Kaiju White Boots 2014-2015

Here's another pair of this year's Kaiju boots. These boots have proved popular in the past, and we'll sure this year's model will too. [part title="Nike Khyber and Command Goggles 2014-15"]

Nike Khyber and Command Goggles 2014-2015

These new Nike goggles are some of our favourites. The quirky straps on the top two pairs are pretty rad and the middle pair are particularly steezy with the zebra print design. They would match Ride's zebra-influenced board and bindings, so you can really get into zebra-mode with these goggles. [part title="Nike Lunarendor Boots 2014-15"]

Nike Lunarendor Black Red Boots 2014-2015

The new Lunarendor boots are looking pretty steezy again this year. Nike tend to apply their running technology to their snowboard gear as well and although they are usually advertised as freestyle boots, this year they seem like they will be good for all-mountain riding. [part title="Nike Red Hood Streetwear 2014-15"]

Nike Red Hood Streetwear 2014-2015

There's not much needs to be said on this one. You can tell it is a rad hoodie without a comment, but check out the video below from our team and have a good look at this sample of Nike's SB streetwear range.

[part title="Nike Tech Flannel and Shacket Streetwear 2014-15"]

Nike Tech Flannel and Shacket Streetwear 2014-2015

The new Nike Tech Flannel and Shacket from the Streetwear range look like some awesome coats for next year. Not too thick or thin, they will make good indoor jackets as well. Below is another video we have released to give you a tour of the Tech Flannel coat.

[part title="Nike Vapen Gold Boots 2014-15"]

Nike Vapen Gold Boots 2014-2015

These definitely scream ABBA! (And are probably better for the ladies) These boots do look super steezy but be careful... with a pair of dark salopettes, these boots will stand out like Justin Bieber on a snowboard (be warned, that isn't a good thing).

[part title="Nike Vapen Boots 2014-15"]

Nike Vapen Lime Green Blue Boots 2014-2015

I'd like to say these are a little more reserved but that would be a lie. The lime green seems to be in this year though and to be honest it's not bad! The colour will look sick with a range of other colours in your get up so Nike have made it a difficult choice this year. Below are the black and red spiderman-inspired version with a nice video to accompany them...

Nike Vapen Red Black Boots 2014-2015
[part title="Nike Vapen X Boots 2014-15"]
Nike Vapen X Black Boots 2014-2015

Nike have also treated us this year to their range of Vapen X boots. These are basically the same but with a boa lacing system. This ensures you can get them done up quickly and easily - giving you that extra 4 minutes of shredding time! These also come in a variety of colours. Below are the Aqua style.

Nike Vapen X Boa Aqua Boots 2014-2015

[part title="Nike Vapen X Boots 2014-15"]

Nike Vapen X Boa White Boots 2014-2015

Here's another couple of colours but my favourites have got to be the pair below. Is it just me or have Nike basically just designed Buzz Lightyear's boots? Amazing!

Nike Vapen X Boa White Boots 2014-2015-2

Check out the video below to see a tour of Buzz's boots!

[part title="Nike Zoom Boots 2014-15"]

Nike Zoom DK Black White Green Boots 2014-2015

The Zoom's are back! And this year they look sicker than ever! They'll have you 'zooming' all over those pistes! So watch out for next season's gear released because we are sure they'll 'zoom' off the shelves! (Sorry couldn't help it...) These boots are also available in a very swish looking style below.

Nike Zoom DK Brown Boots 2014-2015