Nike Lunarendor snowboard Boots

The Lunarendors are the latest addition to Nike's snowboard boot line up for 2014. We caught up with Nike Product Line manager and developer Steve Pelletier to get the lowdown straight from the horse's mouth on the innovations in these brand new high-end beauties.

(Apologies for the less than stellar audio in the vid. While we'd like to say that we were playing on the name of the boots by adding a spacey reverb effect, the truth is we had a bit of a microphone malfunction.)

The Lunarendors are largely based on the Ites from last season and carry forward a bunch of features from that boot including the same molded upper and external backstay. It also comes with three varying-flex inserts that you can add to/remove from the liner as necessary to adjust the flex of the boots. Fancy hitting the park and tweaking some grabs? Just slide the softest inserts in or leave 'em out entirely. Fancy sending it in the pipe? Pop the stiffer ones in there and you're good to go!

The liners are pre-built with canting on the inside of the feet so that you can stand more comfortably in your snowboard stance and also feature strobel technology that reflects and stores body heat. Pretty tech eh?

The new 'Lunarlon' cushioning is lightweight and comfortable and allows for excellent boardfeel, without compromising supportiveness and like on all of Nike's high end boots, the upper and lower sections of the outer laces can be adjusted independently.

The Lunarendors come in a sleek black/blue colourway as well as a bold, bright white/hot lava number.