Nidecker is one of the oldest names in snowboarding, but they manage to keep things fresh thanks to a serious passion for newer, better materials and shapes.

We’re big fans of their carving boards in particular (check out Slice ‘n’ Dice to see what they’re capable of), but it’s not just about getting your elbow down. All-mountain options like the Escape offer quality craftsmanship at a surprisingly low price, and there’s a solid youth line too.

"We’re big fans of their carving boards in particular"

There’s now a range of Nidecker boots as well, which came about after the recent acquisition of Flow. Many of the models use a double Boa system to give you complete control over your fit, with styles to suit all preferences. There’s also a strong and varied line of backpacks.

Check out highlights from Nidecker’s 2018/19 line below:

Nidecker Tracer, Concept, Area, SpectreCarbon & Spectre Snowboards 2018-2019


Carving is still Nidecker’s bread and butter, with several boards designed with just that in mind. Take the Tracer, for example – a new asymmetrical cambered weapon. We’ve already tested it, and it’s amazing. If you’ve never tried a directional asym board in the past, then 2018/19 is the season for thinking pink.

Nidecker Escape, Platinum & Rave Snowboards 2018-2019


Nidecker Mosquito Snowboard 2018-2019


Nidecker Mullan, Magic & Flake Snowboards 2018-2019


Nidecker Mullan Snowboard 2018-2019


The Mullan is a new addition to the ‘Snow Surf’ range of Nidecker snowboards (alongside the Donut, Mosquito and Gun). As the shape suggests, this one is all about flowing, surfy turns in the powder, and the topsheet looks brilliant too.


Nidecker Prosper, Micron Era & Play Snowboards 2018-2019


Nidecker Scope, Merc & Era Snowboards 2018-2019


Nidecker Snowboard Backpacks 2018-2019


Nidecker Womens' Snowboards 2018-2019


While the model names leave a lot to be desired, the quality in Nidecker’s women’s range is undeniable. Every ability level is well catered for.

Nidecker Hylite Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Nidecker Talon Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Nidecker Tracer Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Nidecker Kids' Snowboard Bindings 2018-2019


Don’t forget the kids; Nidecker cover all the hardware bases for groms. A simple one-buckle system on the Magic binding makes life easier for the youngest shredders, with more sophisticated models (such as the Prosper) appearing in the higher age categories.