Henri Nidecker set up Nidecker in 1887 making agricultural equipment for Swiss farmers on the shores of Lake Geneva. However it wasn’t until 1912 that Henri got in on the snow hype. It took a further 62 years for the Nidecker factory to churn out its first snowboard and they’ve been doing it damn well ever since.

They were one of the first companies to develop a steel edged shred stick and used their new fangled technology to carve the first lines down the iconic Mont Blanc on a prototype. In homage to the Hawaiian surfers of the 50’s, they developed a board called the ‘Gun’ with a pointed tip and straight sidewalls. They were almost there anyway…

By the late 80’s their tech monkeys had sherlocked their way to creating a snowboard with a curved sidewall, allowing the rider to carve with the gradient of the mountain revolutionising the design of snowboards across the world.

We took a whirl round their offerings at ISPO 2015 to see what they had in-store for the coming season.

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The first offering from Nidecker is the Advanced mens' stick. It's a true twin freestyle all-mountain board, that comes is sizes ranging from 153cm to 163W for those among us with big feet.

The pop camrock profile gives you spoony playfulness where you need it in the tip and tail, and solid camber underfoot. Whilst this isn't your best option for the jib madness, if you're looking for a cross terrain board, this should be on your wishlist.


The Axis is Nidecker's all-mountain freeride stick, it comes with a direction camber and a whole host of other technology to make your trousers jiggle.

With carbon inserts, the stick is super responsive underfoot.


The Escape from Nidecker is their freeride inspired twin directional stick that comes with a layer of bulletproof kevlar underfoot. When teamed up with the pop core and vibration dampening material it makes for a smooth ride.


The Legend is a direction freeride stick from Nidecker aimed towards the intermediate to advanced rider looking for the most bang in their buck. The light swiss core means it rates towards the high end of the stiffness spectrum.

Coming in at 164, and 164 only - you'd be silly not to take a peek.


Live the dream with Nidecker and their freestyle inspired deck; the LTD. Nidecker are renowned for building some of the best freestyle sticks in the world for different brand,s so when they drop their own branded boards, you know they're going to be good 'uns.


If you like to give the mountain more of a thump than a tap - you'll be into the Megalight from Nidecker. The freeride camrock shape means there's enough flex for fun, but enough pop to send it big.


If you're an Adrea del Sarto enthusiast, you'll love the Minimal from Nidecker. The true twin freestyle stick will serve you across the mountain, but is pure bred for freestyle performance. With a hybrid camber rocker shape, you'll avoid those nasty edge catches.


The Platinum is the flagship stick from Nidecker for the 2015 2016 season. The all mountain stick comes with more tech than a McLaren F1 car, including something called 'ultimate traction'.

We reckon to get the most from this whip you're gonna want to be a fairly advanced rider.


The 'Fischer-Price My First Snowboard' offering from Nidecker is the Play snowboard. It does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, and is a super playful and forgiving stick that won't chew you up and spit you out if you fuck up.


If you know what your playing for, and you've got the park in mind - check the Score with Nidecker. Their freestyle stick comes in at about a 7/10 on the flexibility scale, meaning it'll keep you locked in on those landings.


The Nidecker UltraLight pretty much does exactly what it says it does. It's pretty bloody light.

With a freeride camrock shape, you get all of the responsive control you'd expect from a Nidecker deck. It's not a stick to play on though, the UltraLight is super stiff, which means if you shift your weight, you better be prepared for the turn.


The Angel from Nidecker is your saving grace for both your riding abilities and your bank balance. the Camrock shape mean this stick is bred for park crushing, without denting your savings account either.


The Divine is the bveam of light guiding you towards freeride nirvana. the Freeride camrock shape give you the lift in the nose you need to crank those turns like T Rice, without having to hike up a face.

The shock dampening technology means chatter is eliminated in the stick when you're riding over solid terrain. Saving your knees, and your teeth for another day.


The Elle is an easy to ride, all-terrain stick that's perfect for the lady shredder taking her first turns into the world of shred. The Camrock profile mean solid contract with the snow for turns, but an early rise rocker to stop any bone-crushing edge catches.


If you're looking for the royalty of the riding world, look no farther than the Princess from Nidecker. The directional snowboard is designed for freeride ripping that would make Xavier red in the cheeks.

It's a fairly stiff stick, so be warned if you're a lazy rider. However, i you are looking for a whip that'll take you to hell and back, the Princess is whip for you.


The wee rippers aren't left out in the cold either. The Mini Elle is a kids version of their recession busting Elle snowboard.


The Mini Score is Nidecker's option for the wee lads that ride.


If you want more performance that David Bowie's 1980 live-show, look no farther than the mens Glam binding from the Swiss specialists at Nidecker.

An all-mountain ripper strap, the binding is towards the stiffer end of the market, but without being a concrete block. With asymmetrical highbacks, and heel dampening impact protection, the Glam has the goods.


If R Kelly snowboarded, this is the binding he'd use. Pushing farther towards to the stiff end of the scale, the binding comes with unparalleled lateral flex, meaning you have side to side movement, without losing kinetic energy.


Nidecker's team binding looks a doozy to. The park orientated strap means you've got enough flex to tweak, but enough response to send it to the moon.


A good all-terrain boot for firing across the mountain.