So, I know we have a tendency to take the piss out of anyone wearing anything remotely 1980s. You only need to check out the recently revived Fashion Police to see what we're talking about.

However, there are certainly folk out there who like to rock the bright stuff. And hey, many would argue that at least it shakes things up a bit from your standard, black pants and grey jackets. Here's the most up-to-date neon stash on the market. Just be careful of blinding people when stood in direct sunlight.

[part title="Rip Curl Focker Pant"]

[part title="Billabong Method Jacket"]

You can rest assured that if you fall down a crevasse wearing this jacket, you're likely to be spotted. It's probably one of the brightest garments the Aussie company have ever made. Simple in style, it's super breathable with a rating of 8,000g. Good for light slushy spring days. Not so keen on the jazzy pattern? There are more toned down versions available online.

[part title="Völkl Riot SQD Camber"]

This luminous freestyle board is made by Austrian snowboard company Völkl. It's a responsive cambered board with a smooth ride - good if you're looking for a reasonably priced stick with a bit of individuality to it. Plus it would look rad with a nice sticker job.

[part title="Giro Onset Goggles"]

These Giro Onset goggles offer the company's trademark Expansion View, which gives you greater peripheral vision through these crystal clear, Carl Zeiss yellow/blue tint lens. We think they'd look pretty ace paired with a plain black helmet.

[part title="Nitro Binding Division Blackhawk"]

Nitro have brought out these super bright Blackhawk bindings. They're made from a special nylon/aluminium hybrid to create lightweight bindings without being too rigid. The Blackhawk are complete with EVA footbeds to provide greater shock absorption off big drops.

[part title="DC Judge Boots"]