The klangkarussel of ISPO 2015 winds on, but not for Ryan Scardigli who's trapped on the ride with Henry Jackson for a second round - this time with the Lobster Eiki Helgason Pro snowboard for 2015 2016.

Lobster Snowboards made quite the headline when they were first announced at ISPO a few years back. Their products always come with a certain je ne sais quoi, which is unsurprising given the brands originators. Not content with being two of the best riders on the planet, the Helgason brothers started Lobster in 2011. Since then they’ve been breathing a breath of fresh life into the snowboard scene.

Random, creative and fun, Lobster is everything the Helgasons want it to be. All Lobster boards feature Bataleon’s Triple Base Technology, which makes for a forgiving, poppier ride. Not only does this help with progressing your freestyle riding but is also exactly what you need to float in powder. Lobster have five boards in their range suited to all types of freestyle riding and with a team that includes both the Helgasons know they must be up to scratch. They even made a girls board as “so many girls seemed to be into the Helgasons". This tongue in cheek attitude has already made the brand a success story with riders across the globe.

Now Eiki Helgason has treated himself to a pro model for the 2016 season - check what Diggles had to say about the rebranded Lobster Eiki Helgason Pro jib board.