If there's one thing the snowboard world needs less than boring topsheet graphics, it's shit adverts. Fortunately the guys at Lobster get it, and have put together two absolute crackers to showcase the new limited-release "Artist Addition" snowboards.

The Reaper seen in the video above is based on the Lobster Eiki Pro snowboard, and is therefore a jibber's dream.

Meanwhile, the Sea Creature (below, naturally) shares its DNA with the Lobster Halldor Pro snowboard, which made the cut for the Whitelines 100 as one of our favourite boards of the year.

With art by Scoph and Zeach Man respectively, they're two fine-looking additions to the Lobster fleet, and these promos are more entertaining than 99% of the shredits we've seen on the internet recently. To put it another way, they're definitely not wank...