Born from the ashes of GNU snowboards, Lib Tech has been at the forefront of ecological design and cutting edge technology since the late 80’s. The name comes from when founder Mike Olson put cloth from a jumper into a skateboard prototype. When it came out of the press, it bore an uncanny resemblance to Valentino Liberace’s sparkly jumpers and a brand was born.

Their first born snowboard children all featured skeletons as the top graphic on the deck, the skeletons now adorn many a shred pirates bedroom like a work of art. The legendary snowboarder Jamie Lynn, who once rode their boards to victory, picked up where the skeletons left off and took up art duties on the snowboards.

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If this looks like a conservative Lib Tech topsheet to you, don't worry, that's because it is.

This Continental version of the Attack Banana has a clean finish that showcases the basalt in the topsheet, and is sure to appeal to people who might otherwise be put off by Lib Tech's vibrant graphics.


Mike Olson's latest crazy idea - the Lib Tech DUH ("Deeper Understanding Hypothesis") is a hybrid profile, mid flex ride with a twist - it has 4 edges!

Lib call this additional inset edge "Speed Lever Technology" and you can get an idea of how it looks physically in the shot below. We're yet to see how it'll ride, but we're guessing this one will demolish the piste!


Fredi Kalbermatten made the jump to Lib Tech officially just a few months ago - but they've already carved out his own board to sit in their Hot Knife series.

And so the Swiss Knife was born. Aggressive hybrid camber, mid-stiff, an absolute all mountain charger!


It wouldn't be a Lib Tech preview without a few Jamie Lynn designed additions - and here's the first right here.

The Half Cap is a full camber traditionalist - all mountain and stiff with a 'cap construction' and 'Tomahawk Technology' - make of that what you will. Signature Lynn-cat designs come as standard.


With a tail inspired by Jamie's Rat Tail hairdo - Lib have once again got one of the more radical shapes you'll see on offer this year, and it's another powder charger.

Agressive hybrid profile, and mid stiff, it's definitely got the intrigue element going for it, and that topsheet is one of our favourite bits of Jamie's recent artwork too!


You have may already seen another similar concept getting it's first outing this year - but if you haven't, the idea here is a simple one.

Take a 'blank' snowboard in a square shape, set it up so it's almost ready to ride - then hand it over to you, the general public to shape (and seal the edges) yourself!

Lib's Matt Cummins version comes as a powder rocker with a mid-soft flex. The rest is up to you!


Celebrating 25 years of Matt Cummins pro model - this retro looking Kink is an aggressive hybrid whip with camber dominating the overall feel.

All mountainn and mid flex, it comes complete with a retro kick tail and skate influence carried through in the graphics.


Named after a surf spot on Vancouver Island. The Nootka is Matt Cummins's choice for pure powder.

Directional, with that new-school cut out shape in the nose - it's stiff with a hybrid profile, and some unmistakably au naturel design on the top sheet - go get back to nature!


You wouldn't be mistaken in thinking these Mayhem sticks look pretty surf inspired - and in fact they've been made in collaboration with Matt Bioles from Lost surfboards, resulting in some pretty interesting shapes.

Of course they're meant for surfing in powder, and have a stiff flex to them, with hybrid profiles that are made for float. Pick your tail shape and head out into the deep.


Lib Tech's Skate Banana carries on much in the same tradition as it's best selling predecessors - which you can see our review of here - with a rocker profile, all mountain orientation, and soft feel.

But new for this year is the stealth black version - again catering for those of you who want a less vibrant graphic.


Aside from being a famous film parody - the Goldmember is also one of many Travis Rice pro models that Lib Tech have run throughout the years.

This edition comes with a tip to tail core (with no plastic 'bumpers' like some other Libs) - and the core is also thinner in middle. With the idea of making it lighter all round and reducing swing weight.

Needless to say this hybrid profile all mountain board is a pretty agressive mid-stiff whip, and it's super high end.