Part of the ever-present Mervin family, Lib Tech - with their Banana technology, eco-friendly ethos and All-American construction - are set to have all sorts of snowboards up for grabs next season. But what's got us more than anything with this year's offering is that we can actually understand profile selection the catalogue!

We jest, of course, but it actually seems like (where there have been numerous names for different variations in the past) Lib's line-up with fit quite neatly into three profile categories this year: 'Original Banana' with distinct rocker between the feet, mild camber under foot, 'C2' the same profile but with less rocker and slightly more camber, and 'C3' which further accentuates those camber sections and has only very mild rocker between the bindings.

Within these categories, you'll find everything from Jamie Lynn's short fat C3 camber Lost collab, to classics like the easy riding Skate Banana.

Also look out for new numbers like the Baldface Lodge tested MC Step Tail, grown from customised shapes of Mervin's DIY blank boards.

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