Korua Shapes may have had one of the smallest stands at ISPO, but it’s always a popular one. Maybe it’s because the simplicity of their offering (carving and pow shapes, all with white topsheets and red bases) is a welcome antidote to the information overload that tends to happen at a trade show. Or maybe it’s the result of the study in successful hype-building that is the Yearning For Turning series.

"Everything in Korua’s line is specifically designed for a particular purpose"

Whatever it is, we elbowed through the crowds to check out their latest wares. Nicholas Wolken and Stephan Maurer have carried over most of the models that got a good reception in the last few winters, and (as they do every year) have added some to the line too.

You won’t find any “all mountain jib" options here; everything in Korua’s line is specifically designed for a particular purpose. Most eye-catching of all is the 'Korua Concept’ line, which dispels with metal edges altogether for a design purely focused on riding softer snow.

If you don’t get many powder days, not to worry. Most Korua boards are amazing on the piste too (Yearning For Turning, remember?). The Stealth is a longtime favourite of ours, as is the asymmetrical Apollo. For the seriously backcountry-focused, there’s also a fine line in splitboards.

For obvious reasons we’ve gone full black-and-white-tard for our overview of the Korua line – scroll down to check it out:

Korua Pencil, Dart & Bulldozer Snowboards 2018-2019


Korua Obelix, Blindgänger & Tugboat Concept Snowboards 2018-2019


The 'Concept series' boards don’t use metal edges, because if you take them out in the right conditions then you shouldn’t need ‘em. The Obelix’s positive sidecut makes it ride like nothing else, and the same goes for the Tugboat’s channeled base.

The new Blindgänger is somewhere in the middle of the two; it has an Obelix-esque rounded nose, and a swallowtail and sidecut similar to the Tugboat (albeit applied to a much longer shape).

Korua Tranny Finder & Otto Snowboards 2018-2019


Korua Tranny Finder Split, Pencil Split & Stealth Snowboards 2018-2019


Korua Trench Digger & Café Racer Snowboards 2018-2019


As much as we love their none-more-white approach to topsheet design, it’s always nice to see what an artist can do with that blank canvas. Aaron Schwartz did the honours at this year's ISPO – check his Instagram out here.