Korua's unmistakeable white topsheet/ red base selection of shape-focussed snowboards stays put this year for the most part - but there are some new additions that you'll see below that are well worth pointing out.

The first is the addition of three new variations on existing favourites - dubbed Korua+ and built in all-black with high end materials and carbon construction. Peep the Cafe Racer Split Plus, Pencil Plus and Tranny Finder Plus a bit lower down this page.

Then come two completely new concepts, both in shape and construction - the Obelix and the ISPO 2017 award winning Tugboat. Both are fresh short-wide shapes with zero metal edges in sight - and while we can't yet say how these feel in deep snow, what you'll see in the shots below is that they're equipped with base channels to help give traction while you float through a river of the white stuff.

Take a look through the lot below.

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Korua Aaron Schwartz Custom Paintjob Snowboard 2017-2018


Korua Apollo, Cafe Racer & Puzzle Snowboards 2017-2018


Korua Cafe Racer Split Plus, Tranny Finder Plus & Pencil Plus Snowboards 2017-2018


Korua Obelix Snowboard 2017-2018


Korua Tugboat Snowboard 2017-2018


Korua Puzzle, Pencil & Pencil Split 2017-2018


Korua Stealth & Cafe Racer Snowboards 2017-2018


Korua Tranny Finder & Tranny Finder Split Snowboards 2017-2018