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K2 WWW World Wide Weapon Snowboard 2014-2015-2

ISPO 2014 has come to an end for another year but don't you worry we haven't finished dropping the previews of next season's gear just yet.

K2 are well known for their quality and sleek designs. And they won't disappoint next season either. In this sneak peak you can check out their new range of Enjoyer Series as well as Danny Larsen's new pro board. There's also a board you may recognise in the line up, used by a certain female Norwegian at this year's X Games.

So take a look, we promise we won't tell...

[part title="K2 Darko Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

K2 Darko Snowboard Boots 2014-2015-2

The Darko boots are back! These boots are pefect for those wanting to hit the mountains in a lightweight and comfortable boot. They'll be sure to persuade you over to the Darko side....

[part title="K2 Enjoyers Danny Larsen Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Enjoyers Danny Larsen Snowboard 2014-2015-2

There’s a good chance you’ve already guessed this is a sneak peak at Danny Larsen’s new pro model, especially considering the graphics resemble a scene from The Killing.

The metal-head has clearly had influence over this rad design and the tech features promise to be just as hardcore as Larsen himself. So enjoy the ride with this one. It'll be a killer!

[part title="K2 Enjoyers Girls Womens Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Enjoyers Girls Womens Snowboard 2014-2015-2

These rad graphics will stand out a mile on the mountain next season. This is a women's specific board but this nothing girly about those graphics! This is one for the girls wanting to progress next season and look steezy at the same time!

[part title="K2 Enjoyers Series Jake Kuzyk Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Enjoyers Series Jake Kuzyk Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Jake Kuzyk's pro model looks like you'll have endless amounts of fun all over the mountain next season and those graphics are pretty damn good looking too. So keep an eye out for when this one hits the shelves. We predict it'll sell very well!

[part title="K2 Enjoyers Series Kitten Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Enjoyers Series Kitten Snowboard 2014-2015-2

It's pretty easy to assume this is a womens' ride for next year with a name like that. But don't be persuade by the cute name that this board won't go hard on the mountains. This is one of the Enjoyer series and it looks like the whole line up will be rad!

[part title="K2 Happy Hour Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Happy Hour Snowboard 2014-2015-2

This interesting shape helps the Happy Hour really stand out this year. And the colour-coded nose and tail means you won't miss this one. It's back again after a successful season last year and by the looks of things K2 have gone for a totally fresh design!

[part title="K2 Hit Machine Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Hit Machine Snowboard 2014-2015-2

This twin-progressive shaped board has been built for the parks and we expect nothing less than the best from this one. You'll become a hit machine yourself with this board so make sure you're ready for a ride. Check out the video below for a better look.

[part title="K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings 2014-15"]

K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015-2

Back again for another season these Hurrithane bindings look insane! K2 have yet again produced a sick looking binding for next year and we're sure they'll give you the flex and comfort you're looking for when hitting the parks.

[part title="K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings 2014-15"]

K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings 2014-2015-2

They may look pretty simple but K2 have developed this bindings with plenty of thought. If you remove the padding, you'll see they have incorporated a new tripod baseplate this year, adding more lateral flex for tweaking grabs and riding with ease next season.

[part title="K2 Lime Lite Silje Norendal Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Lime Lite Silje Norendal Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Okay ladies, Silje Norendal dominated the X games slopestyle course earlier this year on this rad deck and took the Gold. So if your dream is to hit the rails and kickers like Silje, this will be the board for you.

[part title="K2 Peacekeeper Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Peacekeeper Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Here we have Lucas Debari's ride, the Peacekeeper. But don't worry too much about keeping any peace with the mountain on this one. You'll be tearing it up all winter on this one! And if it's good enough for Lucas it is DEFINITELY good enough for us.

[part title="K2 Subculture Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Subculture Snowboard 2014-2015-2

This one may have a simple design but do not fear. This one will not be a simple, boring ride. The Subculture will be a great all-mountain board and although slightly more designed for fresh pow, it won't hold you back in the park. It can be very versatile!

[part title="K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard 2014-2015-2

Prepare to battle it out the entire mountain on this one. K2's Turbo Dream board looks like a ripper and will certainly have you exploring the resort with no problem. So make sure you're fully-charged for the Turbo next winter!

[part title="K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Ultra Dream Snowboard 2014-2015-2

A nice design and set back stance is the way the Ultra Dream has gone for next season. K2 have taken an already excellent board and by the looks of things, this one will be ace for floating through those pillows. Check out the board in the clip below.

[part title="K2 Ultra Split Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Ultra Split Snowboard 2014-2015-2

After its massive success this season, K2 have redesigned the Ultra Split and it's back again for more. This is a must for Backcountry riders next season - a nice piece of kit with endless ways to readjust makes it perfect for explorers and will ride well over a range of terrain.

[part title="K2 Women's Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

K2 Women's Snowboard Boots 2014-2015-2

The women's K2 boots come in a range of colours this year and by the looks of things they look damn comfy too! Check out the furry tops! The lads will be jealous.

[part title="K2 Wow Pow Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Wow Pow Snowboard 2014-2015-2

This board is specifically for ladies looking for some fresh pow (as the name suggests). The semi-wooden top sheet looks awesome too but check out the video below for a closer look...

[part title="K2 WWW World Wide Weapon Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 WWW World Wide Weapon Snowboard 2014-2015-2

The World Wide Weapon is back again after its 10th anniversary last year! This steezy board will be perfect for hitting rails and kickers next season. And if it's anything like last year's it'll be a nice balance between playful and precision when hitting the rails. Also check out those graphics! WWW has gone all hippy on us!