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The Whitelines team headed out to La Clusaz, a small resort in the French Alps, last week as brands gathered together to showcase some samples of their new 2014-2015 gear.

The testing event, Avant Premiere, gave us a chance to preview and test out some of the new gear and K2 were one of the brands on site. We have compiled a list of snaps from the new K2 range to show you a sneak peak of what will be on offer next season.

The new range has some pretty cool graphics and a massive range of new bindings on offer, so check them out here.

[part title="K2 Brightlite Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 BrightLite Snowboard 2014-2015

This women's snowboard will be flying off the shelves next season with the simple but eye-catching graphics. Apparently this all-terrain board is aimed at women wanting to progress.

[part title="K2 Black Red Snowboarding Binding 2014-15"]

K2 Black Red Snowboard Binding 2014-2015

The new Black Red bindings offer support and comfort, and the patent black will stand out well on any board. The K2 bindings also include the AirLock technology making it super lightweight and ensuring high performance. It looks like they're also available in a matte black as shown below.

K2 Black Snowboard Binding 2014-2015

[part title="K2 Cassette Snowboard Binding 2014-15"]

K2 Cassette Snowboard Binding 2014-2015

If you're after a brighter and more eye-catching set of bindings, you'll probably prefer K2's revamped Cassette bindings. Back again this season, these beauties will make sure your riding in comfort, with ease and in style whilst helping you progress next season.

The highbacks are apparently made of urethane to optimize heel support and weight reduction.

[part title="K2 Darko Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

K2 Darko Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

And the Darko boots are back again! These rad boots are one of K2's best-selling freestyle boots, perfect for jibbing. The lightweight technology K2 uses is sure to persuade you over to the Darko side...

[part title="K2 Clinch CTS Snowboard Binding 2014-15"]

K2 Cinch CTS Snowboard Binding 2014-2015

K2 have developed and improved there already rad Clinch CTS bindings from 2013. This year they promised to be more high tech than any other bindings, so this 2014-15 pair are bound to be impressive.

Easily stick your landings and battle with the Backcountry in these high-performance bindings.

[part title="K2 Endo Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

K2 Endo Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

The K2 Endo Snowboard boots are going to be new in the 2014-15 season and K2 promises high performance, protection and control when hitting the kickers.

[part title="K2 Enjoyer Series Danny Larsen Snowboards 2014-15"]

K2 Enjoyer Series Larsen Snowboard 2014-2015

There's a good chance you've already guessed this is a sneak peak at the new boards in Danny Larsen's pro model range, especially considering the graphics resemble a scene from The Killing.

The metal-head has clearly had influence over this rad design and the tech features promise to be just as hardcore as Larsen himself.

A couple of great freeride boards and with the inserts weighted towards the back foot, they are perfect for the pow-hungry among us.

[part title="K2 Enjoyer and Weapon Ltd Snowboards 2014-15"]

K2 Enjoyer Weapon Ltd Snowboard 2014-2015

With edgy designs and a nice flex, these directional-twin boards from K2 will be perfect for jib-jockeys wanting to hit some features next season.

[part title="K2 Enjoyers and Fast Plant Snowboards 2014-15"]

K2 Yeah Yeah Snowboard Binding 2014-2015

For those wanting to stomp the biggest kickers in resort, these may be the boards for you. They include Tweekend Technology so the rocker is extended right to the very edges of the board.

This gives it more ridable surface and therefore becomes more stable when pressing and landing.

[part title="K2 Formula Snowboard Binding 2014-15"]

K2 Formula Snowboard Binding 2014-2015

Focussing on simple design and sturdiness, these revamped bindings will provide you with so more comfort and support you'll probably forget they are even there, letting you focus more on your riding technique and lines.

[part title="K2 Happy Hour and Hit Machine Snowboards 2014-15"]

K2 Happy Hour Hit Machine Snowboard 2014-2015

These simple but edgy designs and stand-out shape of the Happy Hour board make these great boards to look at, but they are also great for those wanting to get into freestyle.

K2's Snowboarding Tweekend technology (which features here again) offers an ultimate tip-to-tail rocker, allowing more riding space and stability when riding park.

[part title="K2 Haven Womens Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

K2 Haven Womens Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

These could be classed as K2's comfiest snowboard boot to date. They are perfect for women wanting long days of shredding in the mountains without having to worry about aching feet.

[part title="K2 Hurrithane Red Blue Snowboard Binding 2014-15"]

ard Binding 2014-2015

These bindings may have been around for 6 years but each year they improve more and more. This year they are even lighter with urethane highbacks for the ultimate flex on the slopes. And if you're not one for crazy (girly) colours, then check out the picture below for a more 'lad' look.

K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Binding 2014-2015

[part title="K2 Maysis DB Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

K2 Maysis DB Snowboard Boots 2014-2015-2

These boots look simple and easy. No frills, but still techie, and they look pretty comfy.

K2 Maysis DB Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

[part title="K2 Raider Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

K2 Raider Snowboard Boots 2014-2015-2

These developed Raider boots are back again and are bound to keep you riding all day. They come in a range of colours and use the Boa Coiler lacing just to make life that bit easier.

The Raider boots are also available in a hot orange!

[part title="K2 Subculture and WWW snowboards 2014-15"]

K2 Subculture WWW Snowboard 2014-2015

This board on the left is a nice ride with a slightly set back stance, but perfect on all terrain. It is an affordable board and with simple graphics, it lets your riding do all the talking.

On the right is the World Wide Weapon 2014-15 board. This one's a classic and this year the designs are even more attention-grabbing. This one's apparently built to dominate the park and has a nice balance between playful and precision when hitting the rails.

[part title="K2 T1 Snowboard Boots 2014-15"]

K2 T1 Snowboard Boots 2014-2015

Another of K2's classics. These boots have been developed over the last few years and now they're back and will please your feet, not just all day, but all season. Check out the pair below too.

They are also available in blue

[part title="K2 Ultra Dream and Turbo Dream Snowboard 2014-15"]

K2 Ultra Dream and Turbo Dream Snowboards 2014-2015

The Ultra Dream (left) is great for those wanting to cut some fine lines in the fresh pow every morning and the slightly pointed nose offers good stability whilst still sailing through the fresh snow.

The Turbo Dream will be returning once again by popular demand. This directional twin board floats on powder and gives you a sense of control with a slightly set back stance and wide nose but is a great all-mountain board to ride. And the graphics are pretty sick too.

[part title="K2 Wow Pow and Raygun Snowboards 2014/15"]

K2 Wow Pow and Raygun Snowboards 2014-2015

K2's Wow Pow will be introduced next season and as you may have guessed from the name, this is a perfect women's ride for Backcountry conditions. The graphics are pretty sweet too in our opinion.

On the right we have the Raygun. A refreshed, sweet looking ride and great on uneven terrain. This is a great all mountain board suitable for everyone from beginner to expert.

[part title="K2 Yeah Yeah Snowboard Bindings 2014-15"]

K2 Yeah Yeah Snowboard Binding 2014-2015

With a soft flexing highback, these bindings are perfect for freestylers and jibbers looking to hit the parks all day. The electric colours will also look great with the new K2 Brightlite board next season.