More 2015-2016 gear from ISPO, and this time it's the turn K2 Snowboarding and their treasure chest of bounty that'll help you float over the seven seas.

K2 have been making skis since 1961 and started making snowboards back in 1988. It is widely considered as a truly legitimate and core snowboard company.

K2 continue to push their products to the next level with the help of their international pro team. Riders like Jake Kuzyk, Danny Larsen, Tim Eddy, Silje Norendal and Leanne Pelosi put K2 boards, boots and bindings through their paces. The jib and park board; the WWW, and the cinch system bindings are favourites amongst the team, and with Danny Larsen getting involved with the graphics you know K2 boards look as great as they ride!


Whilst there are a few snowboards out there for women that just get the 'shrink and pink' treatment of mens boards, you can't accuse K2 Snowboarding of doing that.

The Bright Light womens snowboard (left) is part of their quiver killer range that'll serve you on a terrain you take a fancy to. The hybrid shape means you get the best of all worlds with a mix of flat and rocker shapes to keep contact where it counts, and rocker to keep you rocking.

The First Lite snowboard (right) is built to make the rider see the blinding lights of snowboard awesomeness. The beginner orientated whip comes with a catch free baseline to avoid any nasty hangups when you're just getting started on your snow career.


Let the female overlords of neige rejoice! K2 Snowboarding's Wildheart snowboard is a female orientated powder weapon refined in the British Columbian steep and deep. The setback twin means you've got a bit more love in the nose for floating, and a super responsive pop in the tail for those pillows that are asking for a drop.

The blunted tip and tail help with float again, whilst the hybrid all-terrain tweekend profile give you the best of all shapes, but with an extra kick of rocker in the tip and tail, you'll be ready to slash and burn any terrain put in front of you.


Next in line of the 'Enjoyer' series from K2 snowboarding is the Carveair - Tim Eddy's ride of choice. What they've done is taken one of their favourite all-mountain snowboards and given it a lobotomy.

They've widened the board for a bit of stability, then cut some tip and tail off it in some sort of Frankensteins's monster tribute. What you're then left with is a super fun stick that feels as home spitting out vitelli carves as it is crud and ice. A directional shape and a super poppy core make this a damn fun looking board that we're looking forward to getting our mitts on.


The Cool Bean from K2 Snowboarding looks....cool! It comes with a lose surf style feel that'll put a smile on your face, the board is super wide for maximum funtime happy shred. Because of the width, you don't need to worry about length either.

Because you can ride it shorter, it means it's super fun for carving and is super nimble, but floaty in the deep stuff. A swallow tail is always fun. ride it switch if you dare...


The World Wide Weapon is one of the most legendary boards every created - ridden by many, loved by all. A jib orientated stick that would probably be the only thing to survive a nuclear holocaust thanks to its warhead proof construction, it's received the Enjoyer treatment this season.

The true twin shape has meant the bods at K2 are letting you chop up and change the tip and tail to give it any shape you want. We were thinking of some spike shape Gladiator style...


The Fastplant (left) is the freestyle stick of choice for K2 Snowboarding's freestyle heavy posse. Matt Belzile and Jake Kuzyk swear by it, and with a responsive but playful feel to it, it's easy to see why they have it in their quiver.

Naturally with a freestyle orientated board, it's a true twin shape that has a flat base from tip to tail before a little rocker takes over at the end. This means that you've got a responsive feel with a bit of playful rocker to keep you going on any backcountry booter hits you may desire to wang yourself off.


The mens Turbodream snowboard (right) is K2 Snowboarding's quiver killing all-mountain ripper stick. A halfway house between backcountry floater and big kicker slayer, the hybrid shape will keep you coming back for more.

Having won numerous awards last season, it's shaping up to be another doozey this season with an new core that'll fire you in any direction you point it.


K2 have got the wee ones covered with their supply of mini-shred sticks for the up and comers.

The Vandal (left), and the Fastplant (right) will keep a smile on the knee nibblers faces for days.


The K2 Happy Hour has been a mainstay of the park scene for a few seasons now - arguably it started the shape revolution of which we're still seeing the fruits of today. The 'stabby twin' is back again this season, and bearing in mind how many wards it has one, it's not difficult to see why.

With a carbon Ollie Bar pressed into the board, it means all the energy you put into the board to load it up with pop, is magnified before it gives you that energy back, and then some.


The Joydriver (left) is a new addition to the K2 Snowboarding roster this season. A high-end, high performance snowboard created for the sole purpose of consuming any terrain you point it at.

That said, you don't need to be a master of the shred to take it on, it will progress nicely with you if you're on the upper intermediate side of the skill spectrum, and once you've got it, you won't want to replace it.

The Ultradream (right) is an amalgamation of backcountry shape, but with tweekend technology, it means you've got more surface area on which to get radical on. This gives it a stiffer feel under your feet, but poppy playfuntimes on the tip and tail. Figuratively the thing dreams are made of...


More rides for the little devils in the form of the Kandi (left), Mini Turbo (middle) and Lil Kandi (right) from K2 Snowboarding.


K2 keep at the forefront of womens big mountain riding with the Northern Lite (left), their female specific splitboard with more tech than the Teriminator's eye socket. With a custom flex pattern created with the fairer sexes anatomy in mid, it means it's super responsive to a woman's touch, whilst the narrowed waistline mean it won't handle like an oil tanker either.

On the same end of the spectrum is the Wow Pow (right), which although is a stiff stick with heaps of pop for the bluebird pow days we all dream of. Whilst you might be tempted to take this for a whirl in the park we'd recommend staying away from the park and pipe, and keep it in the terrain it loves.


The Raygun is back for more blinding performance for the 2015 2016 season. Now a staple of the K2 Snowboarding lineup, it's a really good all round snowboard for those of you looking for a board to progress through the seasons with. A directional shape means you've got a bit of nose to play with, whilst the Hyrbitech construction gives you the best profiles.

The Standard (right) is for the advanced rider looking to venture out into different kinds of terrain each day. The Swiss Army Knife of snowboarding will be true to you on most terrain thanks the Catch-Free tech.


The K2 Spot Lite (left) is deserving of its name. With a lifted base profile that takes flat technology and raises it like a cambered profile, but keeps the shape flat. Sounds confusing, but what it means is you get the performance of a camber, but with the contact points of a flat board. It also comes with their tweekend tech which allows you to use the tip and tail of the board to ride on. If it's good enough for Silje Norendal, it's good enough for you.

The Lime Lite (right) also comes with the tweekend tech that allows you to use the full length of the board and when combined with a female specific core, it means you'll be propelled into stardom with this whip.


The Subculture needn't stay in the undershadows with the amount of tech rammed into the 155cm of snowboard you get. Whilst the park is its preffered playground, it'll handle the different conditions you throw at it without throwing a strop.

The setback twin shape gives you a shorter tail that you can load more energy into before it pings you up into the feeling of weightlessness that is airtime. It won't fail you when you come back down to earth though with a raised flat profile that gives you all the grippy camber anyone could ever want.


The myth, the stick, the legend - it can only be the K2 Snowboarding World Wide Weapon. Designed to obliterate the urban, destroy the streets, and put the fear of God into handrails across the land.

Having pioneered the soft freestyle flex that jibbers have come to know and love, there's not a huuuuge amount that has changed this season. It keeps the freestyle baseline that it absorbed last year which is flat underfoot and beyond until a smidgen of rocker hits the tip and tail.


The Cassette binding from K2 might not be an 1980's relic, but it does have the durability of that mixtape you made for Emma when you were 13. A soft flex binding that'll serve you well if you're looking for an all rounder that'll put a smile on your face.

The highback'll let you tweak, poke and bone to your hearts desire, without breaking the bank.


The Charm from K2 will do exactly what it's named for. Designed for the rider taking their first tentative turns into the word of sideways standing will find themselves swept of their feet by the charm. Actually, that's a terrible simile as you'd hope to be staying on your feet...you know what we mean.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you're a rider looking for a soft and forgiving binding, you'd be a fool to pass over the Charm.


The Cinch series from K2 Snowboarding is arguabley one of the biggest developments in rear entry snowboard bindings since their humble beginning.

The CTC is the first in the roster of their Cinch range and is orientated towards the rider that's looking for an easy, affordable and forgiving strap to plunge into the snowboarding world with. The canted beds are angles to align your hips so you can generate the most power into your turns with minimal effort.


The middle child of the Cinch series is the CTS binding - built for mid-level performance and more comfort than your ma's sunday roast, it's a solid choice for those looking to take their snow sliding tekkers to the next level.

With added vibration dampening technology, you'll be able to focus on your snowboarding, not the chatter of the snow underfoot. As you'd expect, it's an all mountain strap set coming in the middle of the performance scale.


The pinnacle of the Cinch series is the CTX. The CTX takes all of the tech that the K2 team have in the realm of bindings, and pack it into their flagship model. As with the previous models, it has the easy entry rear system with either a toe or cap strap depending on your preference.

It's not a plank of wood though, the progressive flex in the highback means performance without pain when combined with the harshmellow absorbers. The asymmetric straps ensure you're not gonna find yourself doing an accidental Scott Steven homage as well. Nifty eh?


K2's go to binding for their all-mountain freestyle riders, the Formula has the method of a cracking binding that'll serve you well whether your charging trees or behemouth kickers.

The Formula is Lucas Debari's strap of choice, and with the indestructible highback that comes with it, it's easy to see why. Giving a stiff-ish flex, it'll translate the force from your body and into your board, but not the other way round thanks to chatter eliminating tech.


The K2 Hue bidning is a new addition to their range for 2015 2016. Aimed towards the more able bodies ladies of the world of shred, it comes with a decent serving of performance for those among us looking for solid response.


If freestyle is your game, look no farther than the Hurrithane binding from K2. With a flex pattern designed to keep you secure, even when sending an indy nosebone to the farthest flung corners of the earth, it's their go to strap for the park and pipe specialists on the team.

If like us, you've tried to make some lat minute adjustments to a binding in a -20 blizzard whilst holding the world's smallest screwdriver, you'll be glad to know that the binding is tool-less as well.


K2 have let the nerds go nuts on the Lien AT binding with more biomechanics than Arnie's workout regime. It's an all mountain binding that has 3 spots at which the binding's chassis connects with the board. They're called power transition modules that are aligned in the way that your foot and boots actually sit in a binding.

What this means is seamless energy transfer with minimal effort, meaning you get to ride longer for less by letting the board flex in the way it's designed to.


K2's designers have gone for a Dieter Rams styled binding with the Lien FS. It has the same power transition modules as the Lien AT, but a slightly different highback that's a little more freestyle friendly.


The second coming of the Compass boot has arrived, and never feel lost in the realms backcountry footwear with these kicks on your feet. Designed with a still last, they'll keep your feet and ankles locked in on both the ascents and descent.

With a dual boa and lacing system, you can customise the flex through your laces for comfort, and use the boa as the pièce de résistance of security and comfort.


If you're looking for a set of kicks that'll help you send it to the moon and back, the Contour might well be your lot. Designed by the K2 women's snowboard team, they're an advanced boot with a medium flex. They're super light as well, meaning you can concentrate on ripping rather than worrying about having concrete blocks on your feet.


As one of the original boa laced boots, the Maysis has gone under more transformations in technology than an anaconda shreds skin. Similarly to an anaconda, most of it has been cosmetic as the Maysis has been a hammer boot since the time of Odin.

It's a fairly stiff boot that likes to be ridden hard, but still with enough flex to be comfortable and all. It also comes with K2's harshmellow dampening foam that'll keep the chatter from your teeth isolated to cold rather than vibration.


The Ryker comes in as a little lighter and a little softer than the Maysis, meaning you're looking at a very decent intermediate boot for those of you looking for a set of kicks that won't break your toes, or your wallet for that matter.


The Sapera is back with the functional fashion women have come to know and love it for. Comfortable until the end of days with a forgiving flex but without compromising on performance, it's the Babe Ruth of snowboard boots. Heat mouldable liners keep your tootsies safe and warm whilst the harshmellow footbed means you'll only be riding on good vibrations.


The Thraxis boot (left) is K2's high end boot for ripping and ripping only. One of the stiffest boots in their range, these kicks are all about performance. If you like charging, slashing and battering like Jack the Ripper, these might be the sidekick you need.

On the right is the Stark boot, which is designed for splitboard and backcountry missions galore. Made for perfect integration with the Kwicker system from K2, they'll speed you up descents with no pain apart from your ill trained and poorly maintained lungs.


The T1 is a traditional lace up outer boot, with the added bonus of a boa tightened liner to keep you extra snug and secure. A Vibram ProLite soul keeps ya doubley protected when combined with the 3D formed dual density EVA plastic means you won't be rushing out to buy a new pair at the end of the season thanks to the hardy construction.