The brainchild of the one and only (well, big mountain version of) Jeremy Jones, Jones Snowboards will of course be back for another year in 2016, once again bringing big mountain equipment to the masses, plus a few models perfect for resort riding.

This will be the brand's fifth year of operations, but the core line of boards is still well-represented as well as a couple of new models. Interestingly, almost all the line up also comes in split versions for those who like to get as high as possible.

They also have great eco credentials through their partners POW, making sure that their boards leave behind as minimal footprint as possible, something that is reflected in the humble, wooden graphics featured on most of their snowboards this year.


A twin shape that will tackle the whole mountain due to its Camrock tech - essentially camber between the feet leading into early rise rocker after the bindings - the Jones Twin Sister 2015/2016 is a stable, charging board that could keep you entertained for a whole season if you enjoy powder, charging groomers with a little bit of park thrown into the mix.

Magne Traction also helps to keep the rig stable, whilst a new topsheet technology called 'Film' reduces weight. The graphics are done by local Tahoe artist Chris Crossen, hailing from the place where freestyle truly meets freeride.


The men's version is one of WL's favourite boards of all time, so this shortened and relaxed ladies' version will be sure to serve you well in the powder, especially if it's the tree-slaloming variety. It has a set back camber profile with added rocker in the nose, meaning you can go down a few inches for a powder board without loosing any float, but gaining a ton of manoeuvrability!

Ever chasing the most eco-friendly processes possible, Jones have given the bamboo topsheet and ink-free graphic, instead burning the minimalistic logos and details in.


Described as being for 'strong women', the Jones Women's Flagship sits somewhere in between the Twin Sister and the Hovercraft: a stable, hard-charging snowboard at home all over the mountain, but set back for the woman who prefers getting pitted to hitting rails in the park.

It has the exact same super-fast base as the men's flagship - sintered 9900 - as well as magnetraction edges to reign in that power. Like the Hovercraft, the graphics are natural wood with minimalistic branded details.


The one splitboard in the women's line, the Jones Women's Solution takes a similar shape and profile to that of the Women's Flagship, except of course for the big old crack in the middle. Set back camber with a big rockered nose will get you down through any conditions be it powder or crud, whilst a lighter eco-friendly topsheet will make getting to the summit easier. They also claim the ECO-plastic resin repels snow, so you won't be lugging half the mountain up with you either.


Designed specifically for young or small riders, Jones are claiming a world first with this pair of snowboards: the Discovery and its brother, the Discovery Split. If you're a young snowboarder looking to get away from the crowds or a proud parent ready to let your offspring join you on backcountry mission, this is the board you should be looking at.

As well as techy features like a progressive sidecut (for more power in the tail), bamboo inner-sidewalls and a directional rocker, the topsheet also features a graphic of Jeremey Jones tackling the Shangri-La Wall in Nepal - the iconic shot from Higher - just in case you needed inspiration atop the hill.


Although it was previously only available as a splitboard, the wallet-friendly Jones Explorer Split was such a hit that next winter you can grab it in a solid shape as well. It comes with what Jones describes as a 'freeride nose with a freestyle tail' so that as well as powering turns and slashes you'll be able to stomp the odd 360 a bit better, at least we presume that's what they mean.

The split version comes with a magnetraction edge in the middle to give a little extra grip whilst skinning up faces, but both come with the almost-standard for Jones backseat camrock profile.


One of our favourite boards here at WL HQ,, and our editor-in-chief's weapon of choice whilst off seeking powder, the Jones Hovercraft always shines when presented with deep snow falling in the woods, but can also handle itself nicely down chutes and faces too.

There's a splitboard version too now that takes advantage of the shorter running length to make it lighter on the up, and beveled-up edges at the back reduces the tail catching in heavy snow and throwing you off your game.

There's mellow magnetraction that helps the Hovercraft hold its edge on hardpack, a feature that also makes its way into the middle edge of the splitboard for more control on the ascent. The graphics are as simple as ever, using no ink and instead burning the minimalist info directly onto the wooden topsheet.


In the past the Jones Mountain Twin has been one of the hardest-charging, stablest boards we've tested and this beefed-up version for 2015/2016 looks no different. It would be great for someone looking for a do-all snowboard for a season - not only will it hold its own on the piste but it'll quite easily move either into the powder or to the kicker line in the park.

It has standard camber in between the feet, plus a little bit of rocker in the nose and tail to create a floaty, buttery true twin quiver killer.


The backcountry do-all Jones Aviator comes in both solid and split snowboard varieties, both loaded with '3D Power Camber' - traditional end-to-end camber but with an upwards bevel from the contact points towards the tip and tail, allowing the edge hold of full camber whilst turning but minimising the points where it tends to catch whilst on the flat. Coupled with the Aviator's carbon layers in the middle, this beast is supposedly super-quick edge-to-edge and ideal for anyone looking a hard carving board that can help you get rad in the backcountry.


The snowboard that started it all and continues to lead the Jones line, the Flagship is supposedly the result of twenty years of development by Jeremy Jones himself. The secret is meant to be in the Oak topsheet, giving the board a snappy-but-dampening feel to make the most of the clasic Jones combo of magnetraction, directional rocker and blunted nose.

As with other boards across the line, they're pioneering ink-free graphics as an eco alternative to board design whilst making the most of the stunning, natural topsheets.


The Jones Solution is the splitboard version of the iconic Flagship, taking the same shape and profile to a board that can get you up as well as it can get you down again. However, to save weight they've ditched the Oak topsheet and for the first time have used Mervin's castor bean ECO-plastic, which has the added bonus that it makes this one of the most eco-friendly splits out there.


How do you make a good board better? By adding lots of carbon, at least that's the thinking behind the Jones Flagship Carbon.If you like your ride to be as stiff as possible whilst cutting down on weight, this high tech brother to the original Flagship could well be the board of choice for you in 2016.


Does futuristic board tech give you a car-boner? One of the most expensive snowboards on the market year after year, you have to be a serious splitboarding gear head to consider one of these. But if you are, its bi-directional carbon layers are designed to provide a stiff-but-damp ride (whey!) as well as giving one of the lightest boards for going both up and down. Finally, a sintered-ULTRA base tops it all off, increasing the split's glide and durability.


A new board for Jones, the Ultra Mountain Twin sheds some of the weight of the original version and beefs up the stiffness with a whole bunch of carbon. It keeps the true twin shape with a camrock profile, but upgrades the base to the top of the line sintered 9900 material, creating of of the fastest and most durable park boards out there, though we'd probably keep it to the groomers just in case it powers a huge dent in our wallet...


Creating a third Aviator to complement the original and the split versions must of been a challenge, but nevertheless the Jones Ultra Aviator seems to be about as techy and fully charged as a directional all-mountain destroyer can get. They've gotten so hell bent on reducing the weight of the thing that they've completely removed the wooden core in the nose area, giving the added bonus that you can pretty much see through it.

'3D Power Camber' means that the edges are slightly lifted in the zones that often catch, but once you're locked into a carve they re-engage and give some of that good old-fashioned camber grip. Pretty awesome looking stuff, but prepare to loose your wallet in a super-charged face shot.


Finally, at the end of the Jones Ultra line we find the supped-up, all-singing, all-dancing versions of the Hovercraft family: the Ultracraft and the Ultracraft Split. Claiming a weight reduction of over 25% compared to the originals, you'll be getting a lot less board for a lot more dollar, but extending a powder day by keeping you charging longer could prove priceless.

Jones haven't given us many clues as to how they've carved out such a light board from the original, but as it retains the same blunt nose, directional rocker and subtle magnetraction as its daddy whilst taking on the sintered 9900 base, we're assuming this thing will go and turn like the clappers.


One of the gooeyest looking boards from the whole of the ISPO 2015 tradeshow, the Jones Storm Chaser blends snowboard tech with the magic of surfboard shaper Chris Christenson to create a short but lightening-fast board with maximum float.

Taking cues from sister brand YES and their popular 420 powder stick, this is one for the very deepest of days where you want your back foot practically hanging off the back. See you in Japan!


Finally, no bindings? No problem. If you fancy having a go at pow surfing but aren't ready to drop the dollar on one of Wolle Nyvelt's hand-shaped ASMO boards, this might be a solution. The Jones Mountain Surfer is a bindingless board with a huge surf rocker at the front, but it comes with two binding hooks to dig your feet into, giving you more control whilst powering turns and keeping it locked to your feet if you progress to getting airborne.

Take it from us - pow surfing is the next step for anyone who goes out to the mountains ready to chase storms, you'll want to give this a go.