Here's a little inspiration for budding entrepreneurs everywhere: GoPro CEO Nick Woodman flogging an early version of his ubiquitous camera on the home shopping channel QVC.

With GoPro now floated on the stock market (making Woodman a billionaire in the process) it's easy to forget that this product was once just another Kickstarter-style curiosity. Here, in those faraway days of 2005, the fresh-faced inventor shows off the waterproof capabilities that would make his "Hero" line a household name.

The basic 'silver box' look is already there, but with a standard 35mm lens compared to the wide angles of today, a clunky flip-up wrist mount, and of course analogue film that you have to wind on (forget digital, this thing didn't even shoot video) it's clear that Woodman's vision had some way to go.

Still, at that "Decade of Discoveries" price of $17.73 – and with a 24-frame roll of film thrown in – it's a no brainer right?